11 Steps to Raise Your Vibration with the Food You Eat

11 Steps to Raise Your Vibration with the Food You Eat

Want to know how to raise your vibration with the food you eat? Read on!

Raising your vibration may seem intimidating, especially when we talk about the food we eat. Everybody loves food, whether it’s fast food, a childhood favorite, cheese, everyone loves it. BUT you may not know that what you are eating is affecting your vibrational frequency. Yes, food affects us in more ways than just the physical.

So, what is the diet to raise your vibration? Well, eating foods that are “ALIVE and that positively benefit the person, as well as the planet as a whole.” (Bridget Nielsen) To raise your vibration through what you eat, you must eat your veggies! Like your mom always said, “Finish your vegetables, and you get dessert.” In this case, “dessert” is ascension. Raw fruits and vegetables have the highest vibrational frequency. Next would be sprouted nuts and seeds, then sprouted beans, and sprouted grains. Sprouted means that the food is alive. A sprout has grown from the nut, seed, bean, or grain, and then you eat it. Sprouting beans and grains is beneficial, as well, because it makes them more digestible.

Why are these the foods that are best to raise our vibration?

Well, take a look at these pictures:

Kirlian Photo Cooked Versus Raw Vegetables

This type of photography is called Kirlian photography. When the photo is taken, it shows the aura of the food. As you can see, the raw foods have a more vibrant aura than the cooked ones, although the cooked ones still have a bit of one.
Now, take a look at this one:

As you can see, the apple has a more vibrant aura than the slice of meat. Also, the meat’s aura is more sporadic than the apple.
A high vibrational diet to raise your vibration does not contain meat, dairy, eggs, or any other animal product. The main reason for this is because the meat is dead, the dairy is contaminated with so many toxins like pus and blood, and the eggs are, basically, chickens’ menstrual cycles. Another reason is, eating these foods does not contribute love and light to all. These animals are being raised to be killed and eaten, have birth as many times as possible to produce enough milk, and cramped into as tight as a space as possible. Their quality of life is not at the highest it could be, which means if you eat these products, you are contributing to their suffering, which is not a high vibration. Now, I know some people can’t go vegan over night, I know I didn’t, but every day you have a choice of whose lives you will affect that day, and if it is in a positive or negative way.

How to Eat at a Higher Vibration (11 Steps):

1. Eat as little meat as possible.

A completely plant-based diet is the best, but if you can’t give up meat completely, yet, eat as little as possible.

2. Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as you can.

As you saw from the pictures above, raw fruits and vegetables (uncooked) have the most vibrant auras, and therefore have a higher vibrational frequency. These are the best foods to eat to raise your vibration.

3. Buy as much organic produce as possible.

Organic foods are the highest vibrational foods because they haven’t been modified, and are not contaminated with pesticides or herbicides.

4. Prepare Your Own Food

When someone makes food for you, or you get it from a restaurant (or in a package from the store), the only part of connecting with your food you are doing is eating it. When you actually cut up your own vegetables, make your own sauces, and cook your food, the connection to the food is so much greater. You have a greater appreciation for the smell, nutrients, and colors.

5. Grow Your Own (As much as possible)

Okay, you may be saying, “What? You want to me to start a farm?” No! A small garden in your backyard is more than enough. If you live in an apartment, like me, you can make a container garden, which is actually simpler than an in-ground garden. Even a simple herb garden in a single pot is enough to have an even greater connection with your food. When you grow food that you are going to eat, you have such an appreciation for where it comes from. The garden becomes your baby, and you want to do everything you can for it to thrive!

6. Drink Purified, Distilled, or Real Spring Water

The water that comes out of your faucet, is contaminated with a whole lot of chemicals and prescription drugs. Do what’s best, and get Reverse-Osmosis, Distilled, or Real Spring water. I say, “Real Spring Water” because a lot of popular water companies say that their water comes from a spring, but when you research it, it actually just comes from the tap.

7. Detoxify Your Body

I feel that if you really want to live a higher vibrational life and get the most out of your food, you need to through at least one full-body detox. I know there is a detox drink on https://www.minddesignclub.org, and you can also find full-body detox kits on: https://ghc.us/allysveganvibes .

8. Sprout Your Nuts, Seeds, and Grains!

As I said before, when something is sprouted, it is alive. When you sprout nuts, seeds, and grains, you are bringing them to life, and then eating them raw, or cooking them. In order to sprout these foods, they must be truly raw (unpasteurized). To find truly raw nuts and seeds, order any nut or seed you want from Terrasoul Foods on Amazon. If you want to find rice that is already sprouted, order that from Lundberg Family Farms. They have the most nutritious rice, grown in California.

9. Observe Your Food Before You Eat It

Before you take your first bite of food, look at your plate. Observe all the colors on the plate. Breathe in, and smell the amazingness of the spices and the overall scent of the food you are about to consume.

10. Chew Your Food!

You should chew eat bite of food at least 30 times, or until it becomes a liquid in your mouth. This is essential for proper digestion and absorbing nutrients.

11. Stress is the Enemy

Our bodies are designed to want food when we are stressed. Well, because everywhere we look when we drive down a street there is a fast food joint, our brain tells us, “GO THERE!!! STOP!!” The thing is, if you learn to manage your stress, without food, you can conquer this. I offer hypnosis sessions to help people overcome stress and raise their vibrations. You can contact me here: upliftingvibs@gmail.com

Eating to raise your vibration can seem daunting, at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy and you feel amazing! If you are interested in going vegan, please visit https://allysveganvibes.wordpress.com for more information. I offer Health Coaching to anyone who is in need of assistance with going vegan, eating a more plant-based lifestyle, etc. Everyone goes at his or her own pace, and that’s why I will help you, at your own pace. Whether it takes a month, or a year, I will help you and answer any questions you have!

Allyson Marie
Vegan & Holistic Health Blogger, Health Coach, & Certified Hypnotist



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