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Online Advertising Terms

Advertising Commitment: Mind Design Club reserves the right to modify its rates, including increasing its Standard Rates, at any time and from time to time. Mind Design Club will provide Advertiser with at least 30 days’ prior written notice of any rate increase.  If Advertiser objects to any such increase, it shall have the option to discontinue display of the applicable Ads by giving written notice to Mind Design Club prior to the effective date of such changes.  Advertiser’s right to discontinue the display of its Ads shall be its sole and exclusive remedy in the event of a rate increase.  If Advertiser does not elect to discontinue display of the applicable Ads, then, following the expiration of the notice period, all Ads shall be billed at Mind Design Club’s increased rates.

If Advertiser is purchasing a Sponsorship of ad space within Mind Design Club, as specified in the Advertising Commitment or the applicable Order, the terms and conditions below shall apply.

1. Cancellations. Sponsorship Fees (i.e., the amount listed on the Advertising Commitment) are non-refundable.  Advertisers may not cancel or terminate its sponsorship. If an Ad space is canceled by Mind Design Club and not rescheduled, the Advertiser may receive a refund of a portion of its Sponsorship Fee. The amount refunded will be determined after deducting (i) any non-refundable costs and expenses associated with the rate term and (ii) any promotional advertising for the Event that has already been published or displayed. Any trade or complimentary advertising included in the Sponsorship Fee shall be forfeited.

2. Content and Creative. Advertiser shall be solely responsible for creating all promotional materials for  Ad space, signage, or program(s) for the Event or the Program. Advertiser shall be identified as a promotional sponsor of the Event or Program in the promotional materials, signage and program book (if applicable). Mind Design Club has sole discretion to determine the volume, frequency, number of impressions of any advertising for the Event, placement of advertising (print and/or digital), and positioning of Advertiser’s name on Mind Design Club site.

3. Limit of Liability. Mind Design Club is not liable for any interruption, error or omission regarding any advertising (print, online, or other media).  Mind Design Club is not liable for cancellation or rescheduling of an Event, due to unavailability of Ad space or due to circumstances beyond its control.

4. Advertising Value.  The advertising value being provided to Advertiser shall apply solely to advertising and promoting approved Ad campaigns.  Unused advertising will expire on the expiration date the sponsorship and will be forfeited.  Advertising value cannot be bartered, sold, transferred to, or used, in whole or in part, by any third party. The advertising value may not be used to fulfill any other advertising commitment between Mind Design Club and Advertisers.

5. Renewal Option.  If the Sponsorship is for an annual Event, program, product, or service, the parties must agree in writing upon the terms of the renewal at least thirty (30) days prior to the end of the current Sponsorship. The renewal terms shall be stated in a new Advertising Commitment or Order.

Ad Rate Display on Mind Design Club

The estimated rates for ads in Mind Design Club is $300.00 or $5,000.00 monthly. Note: advertising rates are estimated base on display location and size. Advertising rate changes frequently.

Contact for rates term or register for an advertiser’s account on


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