Alien Mind Control: The Fight for Conscious Freedom

Alien Mind Control: The Fight for Conscious Freedom

Your body is a vessels with which conscious inhabits by birthing not stealing or controlling. I do not condone the whole new age “walk-in” phenomenon. I do not condone anything that violate your boundaries and makes you feel uncomfortable or any force experience upon you that you don’t want.


Continuation of Archonic Mind Control and Human Programming post:

I’m assuming those that read my blogs are pretty “open minded,” maybe some has stumble upon this site as a Targeted Individual, and the rest probably through random searches. Let’s get to the point! I stated in my previous blogs, that the targeted individual cases are of intra-terrestrial or extra-terrestrial origin, the Archons or Archonic controlled systems. As an intuitive psychic healer accepting this aspect of myself, I post this diagram of the human energetic meridians:

The focus of an energy healer is to keep these “universal” life force energy flowing from God source (high vibration) and grounding it to the earth (material world lower vibration). Energy can be block and create pain, disease, and in severe cases death. In extreme cases, the others consciouness interfacing, or simply possession via advance ET technology mind-control, etheric entities, negative thought form, or human disembodied spirits.
Chakra Points 101, here’s a crash course in chakra points.
The Crown: location at the top of our head through our foot. Connects us to source. Blockage consciousness infections and lowers vibrations.
Third Eyes: location in the middle of the forehead through to the pineal gland and back of head. Blockage hinders the abilities to perceive the extra-sensory senses.
Throat Chakra: location the neck through back of neck. Blockage communication error.
Heart Chakra: location chest through the back. Blockage unstable emotions and manipulation.
Solar Plexus: location sternum and along top of stomach. Blockage self-esteem image, timid, and anxiety.
Sacral Chakra: location lower abdomen through the back. Blockage reproductive health.
Root Chakra: location between the anus and reproduction organ. Blockage disrupt material level.

My infestation and psychic attack by them:

The pain started on top of my head, I was attack while I slept; I was experiencing sleep paralysis and felt corded by two small beings e.g. these beings are the same beings that shamans see when they “dissociate” during ceremony. The pain is like a pressure on my forehead, the center of my brain, and my left side; then, the their voices would layer in command in a “remote area or frequency band.” Their favorite command “have a heart-attack now” then the energy tendrils starts to probe my back Heart Chakra. When they start attacking, I place my hands over these areas and feel it pulsing in my hands, as well, I hand to pull it out of my mom when she attempted to heal (she started to experience the mild form of what I’m going through). These things are located on my left hemisphere and my big right toe.

Two entities, one looked like a small child shape and the other a tall man shape, overall since I can’t fully see them in condense physicality cause they haven’t phased in our plane; they look like transparent light-beings. They are terrified when one can look into the dimension and see them. I used to see people’s spirit guides standing on their right side but they give-off a positive energetic field. They feel “alien”, on an etheric plane, they tried to re-wire my body for control. Ever since, I came back from Savannah, Georgia the attack culminated in my knowing them and fighting back.

An alien fascist consciousness, they don’t like humans to be psychic, this type of perception is what they want to desperately control now that more people are waking up. There are more reports of “targeted individuals” because of this dimensional shift happening and more people waking up. People are waking up to how our government, financial sector, science, and religion hasn’t been helping them. Everything is collapsing.

Anyway, most abductees are highly psychic, “they” repress these abilities, with their knowledge of psychic and their advance technology. There are more cases of “targeted individuals” these poor people need to realize it’s not the government but an extra-terrestrial or intra-terrestrail control.

More than anything some people in position of power has adopted the “archonic mind.”

The Horus-Ra programming:

In one dream, I’m in a white room, lying on a table. A voice is talking to me from unknown origin, “who are you?” I feel my mind shift to the background and my perception heighten. I see beyond the white room, and my consciousness pushes down their illusion, I’m on a ship and I see past their ship to the stars. A male voice deeper than normal erupt through my mouth, “I am Horus-Ra.”

Do you know what happen when someone experience trauma? (Rather by extreme pain or psychological events.) You have an out-of-body experience, my friend had a T.V. fall on her once, during the initial moment that it fell, she saw herself outside of her body and the T.V. on top of her. This is why they torture it release the soul and insert this “synthetic consciousness” to enter target’s body. There is no Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)–I repeat no MPD.

I want to talk about the whole Illuminati human programming through trauma based mind-control by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler. If you look at the diagram of the human brain, this area shows the wernicke and borca area, it controls language comprehension and speech. These beings layer in their commands for this “synthetic consciousness” to follow commands. When you start knowing too much they will give a command to “have a heart-attack.” Their location another frequency band. Think of the radio signals, the physical controller look human but their consciousness is in alignment with them. Most abductees talk about extraction of “eggs and sperms”, these archon consciousness have the technology to create a designer body for themselves. They aren’t birthed in like normal human.

Look into how our technologies are advancing, Russian billionaire promote creating an actual Avatar. well hello they already have the technology to have a human body. They will reveal themselves someday–no choice because human are advancing.

You’ll be surprise at how “human” looking these alien look. Get rid of all that reptilian conspiracy theory, because even if they do exist, I don’t sense them. They do use holographic project beams on us and manipulate our emotion via this “synthetic consciousness.”


Become aware and practice deep meditation, when you are aware of your thoughts, you control yourself. Observe your impulsive thoughts and emotions and surround yourself around positive people.  As a psychic coming into my own, I notice sometimes those impulsive thoughts aren’t mine, but my friends around me wanting food, ect. They’ll be like girl I was just thinking that, when I voice those thoughts or impulses, even though I’m not craving the food. It feels intrusive. I emphasize creating boundaries and shields in public areas.

Understand what this energetic attack is and main goal is to remove the energetic implants and remove their wiring. It creates a different meridian pathway, and this is how the get feedbacks and send all this distortion and negativities.

Deep meditation and focus your mind on the point of pressure; because as you focus, for instance, I notice the energy travels to my big right toe. I notice drinking plenty of ionized water help. I have created a cellular detox cleansing system.

The implants are in my head Crown and Third Eye, my back Heart Chakra, and big right toe (pineal gland area.) Remotely focus on those pained area, because it will start to move, then you will detect where the controlling implants are.

I’m still working on removing it. I will keep you posted on my methods when I’ve successfully removed these “two” wiring and etheric implants.

Goodluck fellow targeted individuals– if you think you can’t do this. I recommend going to an advance etheric psychic surgeon. Of course, after going through all medical western procedures. 😉 By the way, I’ll keep you posted on my EEG and MRI results.

Anything that violates your space and violate your genetic codes is not something you should ever welcome. Fight!

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