Archonic Cancer:The Lies of the Trinity-Fractal Distortion

Archonic Cancer:The Lies of the Trinity-Fractal Distortion

If anyone follow my blog, they’ll realize I’m currently talking about the Illuminati (the hidden controller) and its connection with malevolent alien interference on our planet and in our lives. The covert nature of abductions and secret experiments. When I became a Targeted Individual, the experience confused me and made me question my sanity. One of my friend in the local Nashville music scene thought I upset someone by writing about financial scams and international scams (look at the date.) He knew about them through the entertainment industry. Mind you they came after me first, through Career Builder asking me to wire money for some “rich fucks bank insider” taking money from the people and making them pay for “missing funds” while laundering the money off shore. You can refer to mainstream news about the Central Bank of London interbank libor rigging it’s all inter-connected. This is greed and corruption on a grand global scale because it affects every aspect of our lives e.g. taking out loans for mortgages, auto-mobile, consumer goods, businesses, student loans, as well as global trades. Anyway, the money we put so much value on is NOT back by the Gold Standard. These fucks are just reaching up their asses and making “value” out of thin air while purposely crashing the economy. The banks stated it’s too big to fall while the rest have forgotten by the shock of Sandy-Hook’s shooting. This is just a small part in what they’re actually doing or is a “proxy” to. It’s artificial and makes you realize there are a lot of evil on this planet.
I write in chronological order so refer back to those important posts and ignore my silly posts. I wasn’t a serious writer then. 
To keep things short, I shall dive right in:
My birthing process and that conscious shift into a physical body   was like going from high speed internet to dial up. It’s what  spiritualists called shift in frequency. What greeted me and made me feel “fear” for the first time was three human appearing entities. While knowing my assigned parents were in the other room and even knowing the language. This was in Thailand. Spiritualists have said self preservation and fear of extinction is what defines the material world. This plane doesn’t have the notion of eternity of time and existence; it exist by this limiting model of hierarchy, competition, and consumption of energy forms. In its unbalanced form, we see this manifest in the control structure where one ego tries to control-dominate-enslave to sustain its survival out of fear throughout all the material plane.
Christianity: The father, The son, and The Holy Spirit

When I had a soul reading with Juelle and The Council–there’s a term in the psychic community called being opened–I was too psychic and they had to shut me down and supposedly they were my “spirit guides.” I didn’t know there were mistakes in the spiritual world. Obliviously those that control the veils are quite selective of who they allow to “see” beyond the illusion or distortion of the material world (the demiurge); while they control the channel information of other psychics. These entities are like intra-terrestrials versus extra-terrestrials. Unlike physical alien phenomenon where evidences can be physically observed and collected, when one deals with the psyche and inner worlds of “space,” it’s a little harder to collect these evidences. The person will just appear crazy to the masses, unless, they develop the inner “third eye.” The abduction phenomenon is design this way to distort memories, erase memories, and ridicule the abductee from mainstream society.

Anyway, who were those three entity staring into my crib?

There’s a reoccurring theme of the Trinity throughout every major religion. These beings want our “worship,” even in Christianity that promote monotheistic where one prime consciousness creates; somehow, the Trinity is there representing “one supreme being” and this goes back to Gnosticism. Valentius, educated in Alexandria, Egypt was one proposing the Trinity concept. The state of being psychic is “knowing” and Gnosticism mean Know-ledge. In Gnosticism practitioners, were mystics or seers that had knowledge about the spiritual dimensions and the universal material plane. Gnosticism parrallel Buddhism whereby its practitioners try to obtain a higher state of the spirit; Gnostics seeks higher pleroma and Buddhist seeks nirvana. It’s about escaping the the flawed material world into the plane of God consciousness. The new age community calls this ascension into higher vibration.

In terms of the dimensions, when I was still in high school, an odd “traveling buddhist” monk visited me and made prediction that came to fruition. He was taller than the average Laotian man 6′ 2″ or 184 cm. He told my family that he was a former soldier when he was young and knew about my mother’s uncle in France which was peculiar. I sense an extra-terrestrial energy but I wouldn’t know. He would say things that I just couldn’t understand at the time. There are these beings in Theravadan Buddhism pronounce thee-vah-dah that are ascended beings or Bodhisattva. He mentioned there are good and bad Thee-Vah-Dahs. They exist within the lower 4th dimension and they can manipulate physicality. He further explains the dimensional levels and to only worship the “most high.”

The invasion of this planet Earth happened in a physical and inner dimensional way. Our planet was colonized a long time ago so I don’t know why we’re still looking towards the sky for signs of life. They are already here. We need to look at our planet and within ourselves. Even on the History Channel, such shows as Ancient Aliens look into archeological finds that reveals older culture civilization advance knowledge of astronomy and architectural feats. The Archonic invasion mentioned in the Nag Hammadi, an ancient gnositic text from Egypt, reveal invasion of our collective mind by them. Theses beings came from pockets of space during a great rift during of the Orion/Sirian war. An intergalactic dimensional ancient war, it shattered the survivors throughout space. They do have the means to travel and slip in-and-out of dimensions. Thus in our ancient Earth past we were colonized by them.

If you look at how the Giza pyramids is align with the Orion constellation, you will understand they have an advance knowledge of “planetary grid” travel and dimensions. Every single planet have a signature gridded structure that they are aware of and use for travel. Our human physics is quite basic compare to what they know as an older civilization. We will one day understand this concept.

 Hinduism: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
The alter state of dream and prophetic dreaming.
Those dreams I had of distant places and times were their collective consciousness invading ours. I mentioned a post about synchronize dreams that I’ve had with my best friend. My dreams isn’t something I take lightly either, because recently I have been experiencing prophetic dreams. I would dream of assigned breeding partner;  lectures given by a short stout blond woman mentioning genetics and superior species replacing inferior species; a guy trying to talk to me on a bench that I don’t know. The dream shifted to the background; however, in real life I actually saw three of those “people.” They walk into the restaurant I used to work at at and those dreams were triggered for me to remember again. 
Egyptian: Horus, Osiris, and Anubis
Let me illustrate, while having lunch with my co-workers,  that guy from my dream walk-in and waved like he knew me. I also saw the lecturing blond woman staring hard at me with hate while she sat at a table. Then outside the restaurant, I saw a guy with dark hair and icy blue eyes, very odd considering I just had a dream about him on some “pirate” ship. Then I had a dream about my step-dad falling off the ladder which he did in real life. Among others…
This one dream I had when I was in high school. They operate like a collective consciousness and are very militaristic in operations. I’m in a building with two others. They are mentally linked to me where we are one unit. We are fighting a large onslaught, they surround us, but we maneuver weaving in-and-out and around while blasting waves of energy from our palms. Our opponent disintegrate before us. The entire planet fell under our feet. I never felt so powerful and revel in the energy flowing from me. This was an very strange dream form a normal high school student.
When I came back from Laos, I had another strange dream besides the grey abduction dream. In my home two grey aliens wanted to grab me. I started to fly away and blasted the planet in golden lights sending them a message that whatever they are doing now. They can’t have this planet. Then the image of my dreams changed, and it seem like they visually communicated this image to me, I see many planets like Earth and a sensing that they claim it all .
So besides having prophetic dreams, then seeing these people in real life; in addition, consciously channeling these three entities and alien experiences, it all ties in with the micro-level of their influence on our planet. Because in one bizarre dream, I saw people sitting around (round table) and the feeling I got was of importance in terms of Earth’s decision. The group was very hierarchical within themselves and strange “sex” orgy that reminds me of Tom Cruise’s Eyes Wide Shut. The top up was control by these three entities that orchestrate the entire event. From programming and breeding people, these group are taking orders from an “unseen” source and it’s not of the “most high.”
Fractal Distortion: 

Sacred geometric forms and language of the material world. The golden ratio, divine proportion, and Phi. The universal consciousness of Sophia. It’s the building block of the organic material world that holds the template to her designs.

The Goddess Sophia: Sacred Geometry and the physical world

The hidden science of spiritualism and the material world. The material world is not all bad because it’s meant to be rule by the feminine principal of wisdom that the Gnostic called Sophia. Ancient society study the material world and saw a sacred pattern therein, it was the language and code of the material that’s natural and organic. But the Archons distort this, replicate this, and tries to steal this while they try to control it. They purposefully want to keep the vibration low because if the collective human conscious becomes higher vibrating–they lose control of us. They are anti-ascension and in the etheric plane they have engineered and created this conscious parasites that latches onto our energy body. They link to this conscious parasite and tries to “possess” and dampen our auric field. One day, our science will be able to see and can test the energy body.

I don’t want to use this example to further the feminine principal BUT, for example, the Mitochondria organelle which is the powerhouse of organic beings cells is only passed through the woman through the whole meiosis process. Even while the male contribute and determine the baby gender, that little tadpole tail is powered by the Mitochondria before it breaks off.  What I’m saying is “she” powers your entire physical body.

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