Archonic Mind Control and Human Programing

Archonic Mind Control and Human Programing

When you seek solitude and can’t find it in your own mind.


My previous post about advising people to develope their psychic abilities made me seem like I was losing my mind. 

I’m not loosing my mind; alas, I met a Phd psychologist and current author, and now a friend, he knows what I’m going through and someone else going through the same thing. For my piece of mind, I consulted a neurologist. The neurologist believe I’m suffering from a mild form of seizure to my left hemisphere; however, it’s not determinded if I’m really suffering from a seizure until I get an EEG and MRI tests, yet this neurologist already prescribed Gabapentin an anti-seizure medication. I hear commanding degrading words and my heart feels constricted from the back location–like I’m fighting off a heart-attack or phantom emotions. My personalty and mood would shift. It’s like a secondary sub-conscious shifts and observes. I will post my EEG and MRI results. 

(Eventuallly everything will be “normal”. I’ll be healthy again and much better than before.)

Anyway as a continuation to my post “Psychic Attack, Mind Control, and Occult Group,” I blogged about freemasons following me; I even took photographs of their cars; I even tracked down the lodges from Savannah, Nashville, to San Francisco. From studying architecture and site planning, I do notice their lodges are placed in strategic area of businesses. I know, like most, our presidents are “freemasons” and help develop America to its present state while other members work behind the scene. Keep that in mind.

There is a small group vying for control via mind control, hypnosis, and brain-washing experiments which are very real; yet, these conscious control of the human mind is no different than the media that you and I like to watch, or the financial system that keeps things flowing and makes us comfortable in this little artificial bubble we created for ourselves. 

Ahem, project pandora box.

But, what I’m going through had nothing to do with the government or freemasons. The freemasons are around me, of course, but they are everywhere. Their main concerns control, making more money, and feeling exclusive.That’s my conclusion.
The Archons: 

It’s more intra-terrestrials or extra-terrestrials and on a dimensional plane that manipulate physicality. They are already here and have been here. The American government haven’t been telling the truth. There are some that are positive and some negative but overall very human with their emotions. They are just more psychic and intelligent, but given that they are an older species, there really is no comparison. There are some that want to help us and some not. There are a lot of people that believe in life outside our universe and waiting for disclosure, or they’re waiting for something to break the monotony of their life like some religious intervention. The wait.

The archonic invasion mentioned in the Nag Hammadi, an old text from ancient Egypt that Gnostic Christianity knew of, it explains alien force distorting and replicating our reality via bypassing our consciousness a long time ago. They distort our personalty and create a synthetic consciousness that they use to control us. This consciousness acts a monitoring devices it sends memories, emotions, and sensation to “them”. They in turn interface their own consciousness to yours. It feeds them–sustains them–and keeps them alive. It has a rudimentary consciousness driven by the will to survive and fear of its own annilhilation. The goddess feminine principal “Sophia” mythos explains their creation from pockets of deadspace and their interference in our linear time and physicality. 

Human Programming:

What I’m going through: I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s more of a mind invasion that was inserted to mimic and capture my conscious thoughts. There are two voices that first spoke to me saying really disgustings things and commanding me to kill or kill myself. I had to endure this mental torture alone for 3 years for fear of being ridicule as a paranoid schizophrenic. I know I’m not crazy and the assaults are real. From breaking out of deep sleep paralysis and seeing a spectrum being walk behind my Japanese Paper foldable walls, and I woke-up to burns and marks on my body and my joints and organs hurting. 

When “it” started to speak, I just left this architecture firm walking in the multi-level garage to my car; the music was playing over the radio. My mind was transcribing “live feed” the music as the radio frequency was going through my ears to my mind. It drown-out their voices and this synthetic consciousness just repeated the music on the radio. “It” made me want to repeat and mouth the music lyrics outloud.

I was fed-up with these mental assault and “energy assault,” and I wanted validation with psychiatrist. My co-worker, a psych. major, gave me her psychiatrist friend’s phone number. I called to schedule an evaluation, this male voice told me mentally not to call the number, at that moment while I was on the phone it felt like my mind was “hi-jacked” it was listening and transcribing. Of course, he was not taking new clients.

When I was going through this, and “google-ing” the information like any normal person, it led me to  targeted individuals cases. It seem like some secret black project government was after them, but I know this isn’t the case. For the most part, I sense they plant these information out there, but there are some truth to what they say, like TimothyTrepas, he appeared like some pot-smoking vlogger who looked highly stressed. For the most part, the “targeted individual” are a bunch of abductees or group being mentally harass by “unknown” source. Their symptoms are similar but different due to the analysis and targeting of their psychological make-up.

I’m always around “intuitive” people because I am a psychic energy healer and etheric surgeon. It’s just a part of my life I didn’t seek this out. It runs in my family or genetic codes.There I admit it and accept that part of me. Other psychics saw it as “non-human” spirits following me. I thought I picked up some entities from Savannah, Georgia because that entire city is haunted; however, what I’m going through is not the case.

Another intuitive psychic, helped balance my energy and picked an “alien” wiring through my energetic key-line. She said, “there’s deffinitely something in there.” She did manage to make me feel better but she couldn’t remove “him”. Other psychic saw “group of people” coming after me for petty stupid reasons while I was in Savannah. Of course, when my mom kept consulting her psychic buddhist monk friend, I didn’t want to know but when what he says is right–you can’t ignore it. Anyway, I’m away from those “group” and the friends I have now and the people I meet now are better. My psychics friend told since I’m coming into my own as a psychic, I have to create boundaries, block, protect, and hang with people of high positive vibrations because I’m sensitive to people’s energies.

The buddhist monk my mom took me to saw two entities around me assaulting me energetically.The location of attacks are my right big toe and head. He told me its energy travels up and down my nervous system which “they” wired for themselves. My consciousness stuggles to stay and carry on it a normal human life.

Let me emphasize “our bodies are just vessels” and some alien consciousness knows this. There’s keylines and points that healers, like myself know, and accupunturist knows.

I’ll end this post here. As I find more about “them” I will post. My next post is about how they program their highly psychic abductees. I’ll explain to you what they really are.

Next post will focus solely on their programming methods and how to bypass it. 

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