Archonic Mind Invasion: Synchronize Dreams

Archonic Mind Invasion: Synchronize Dreams

[Latin archōn, from Greek arkhōn, from present participle of arkheinto rule.]

I’m at home looking out the window towards the cloudy sky. I see lights, yet it looks like my fishermen’s hat, dancing and morphing into various shapes. The feeling I got was immense fear. It seem to have an inteligence and intention that was very predatoral-like, and it was coming after me. I bolted out the house and ran through the neighborhood. I can’t escape its “energy signature.” I felt surrounded and isolated like an animal being herded and scared into a corner. Totally helpless and oppressed, while I’m banging on my friend’s door.

At this point the dream has switched, now, it seem like I’m dreaming from “its” perspective in the sky.

I see lights coming from the city-scape below. Reality seem to shift in my mind. I’m consciously descending through the clouds down below.

The year 2011: While I was studying in Georgia, I had a dear friend come visit me. She has seen me through my up-and-downs, shifting friends, and trends; nevertheless, we remain friend even through our changes. 
I went to go pick her up at the Greyhound station, and brought her back to this green southern style house, that I was renting with people from school who left for the holiday. I don’t know what compelled me to do this, while she helped me prepare dinner (Vietnamese Pho Ga), I blurted out, ” Hey, Nancy I’m an alien!”
We are childhood friend, so I told her she can share bed with me versus using my uncomfortable air-mattress. While she un-packed her baggage, she told me how creepy the house was, beside being in a “sketchy” area, it was fine. Many students rented all over the city.
We stayed up and talked in bed about random topics while we tried to fall asleep. All I got from her were terse responses–“yes. no. what?!” Her back was turned to me, so she can privately text a guy, or so I thought. I was a annoyed and shook her. Like a startled person that just snapped out of deep “consciousness”, her body jerk back, one loud sound came out “WHAT?!” As I found out, she did not sleep at all while planning her trip to see me. I really regret waking her up because she was actually asleep but responding to our conversation.
She was in a state where she just woke-up and can recall her dream. The dream was surprisingly about aliens. I thought it was a combination of her stressed state, because she has not slept in 48 hours, my mentioning “aliens” to her, and her fear of the house. However, what startled me and sent chills down my back was she was having my old dream. She said the feeling she can’t shake was the fear, and how omni-presence oppressive and inescapable they were. There was a twist to her dream–she saw them–they looked human and relay this message to her. I’m you and you’re us. This was all garbled information that I tried to sort out.
I’m not a dream expert, psychologist, or a neurologist. Dealing with the whole target individual case, I now know how the Illuminati, aka the archons, operate and control.
If human collective consciousness is invaded and under subtle mind control, it’s collective mass would never know. Maybe untill, the end time, and all veils are pull off of people’s eyes. 
Anyway, as I start revealing things about myself; I have to write in a way that will  protect me and the people around me. 

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