Clearing Stubborn Energy Parasites: Archonic Possession (ET) 1

Clearing Stubborn Energy Parasites: Archonic Possession (ET) 1


Image: Lisa Renee

I cannot stress enough about being around positive like-minded people. I know it’s hard to say because there’s a lot of darkness on this planet at this time. Sometimes it’s good to let go of old relationship and visualize a more healthy one. This mean severing ties with family members, friends, and those that drain you and attack you constantly. Don’t keep repeating these negative drama with them. Do whatever you can to get away from them. If you feel trap due to financial reason, wait it out, then plan a way to get away from the negativity.

Until you are in a situation where you can deal with them properly, it’s about going away and building up your high vibration again. People aren’t always going to agree with you and there’s no point in generating that negative drama with them. Overall, it’s not your responsibility to help everyone or make everyone happy but yourself. A good way to look at it: the negative is teaching you a spiritual lesson. I write from personal experience while I’m clearing karma ties, cords, and attempt at reattachments.

Say to yourself, I don’t need you and you don’t serve me anymore, then let go of that relationship and clear the cordings.

Now on to the topic of clearing cords and extracting a tougher negative force: an alien parasitic attachment or simply Archons. Lisa Renee, pro-ascension and etheric surgeon, call these entities Suppressor SPE Entity inserted by negative ETs during human “programming” for mind-control of subject. This directly deals with subjects psychic abilities. These entities are para-psychic suppressor. They can control your dreams, emotions, and impulses as they advance in stage through controllers on a remote frequency band giving “it” commands. In my previous post, I advise practicing deep transcendental meditation and become aware and present in your mental state. You have to know your mind better than they know your mind. My psychic friends and an intuitive healer have confirm it’s of an extra-terrestrial/inter-dimensional origin.

For all those lightwarriors working towards a higher frequency of spiritual living, it’s us that gets attacked the most; however, you can’t be a lightwarrior without some work to do. The lightwarriors are trying to raise the vibration of this planet on a physical level the ascension process is about letting go into higher God conscious plane. We need to clear the grid of negative control that envelope this planet. We will encounter and be attack by lower negative vibrational people, ETs, astral entities, and forces looking to control us. All this unbalance is manifesting itself in our physical world like a decaying intra-parasitic society cannibalizing itself through the model of greed/hoarding and the archonic survival mentality. Like cowards they will attack us at our most vulnerable and like moth-to-a-flame they will come after us as we raise in vibration. An alarm is alerted to them and we’re tagged-and-targeted as a treated to their control matrix.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Energy Parasites Implants: Initial Knowledge of Archonic Possession, I’m personally writing about my experience with these group of beings. I recommend you reading past entries because I go on in chronological order as I discover what I’m dealing with.

This entity was place by two astral ET humanoid during my shift in consciousness while I slept. (As I have said my dreams are important because I’ve been experiencing prophetic dreams, or as my psychic friend has said I’m multi-dimensional, as we all are, and can shift into different reality or plane to retrieve information. When I’m asleep the barrier is down and I’m more psychic. The controllers tend to monitor at this time.) In terms of how dream work, Archonic Mind Invasion: Synchronized Dream  is a entry on how dream can be influenced; unbeknownst to me, my friend has been sharing the same dream as me. And this is due to the connection that she and I mutually share. While she and I had a movie date for Looper, we sat through the previews and I hover my hand over her arm. I asked her if she felt an energy transfer. She said it felt like I sent a slight electrical tingle throughout her body. Then she had a really odd dream that night:

She looks up at the sky. She sees humanoid light beings cluster together and form one big orb. She told she told me it was just lights but they were people. The orb travel quick and descended down towards her and hits her full. She said it cause her to wake-up with a start. Since these entities have connected to me in unwelcome force manner, I felt bad my friend was having the dreams I had in the past.

My dreams due to their psychic link to me (I’m sure I’m picking up things they don’t want me to see. While, I slept the barrier that blocks off my psychic abilities are down. I do sense “them” monitoring my dream. Never create a psychic link with someone you hate, because with these group, I can travel down that link and see them. Even if the linkage was meant to psychically kill me, all I have to say is links aren’t one sided.):

Orion Healer Hand is the same concept of universal energy that healers can tap into to heal. As I dream, I was picking up the Orion group life and what they did off world to other planets and its people in the past. The intergalactic Orion/Sirian war I saw came to me like shifting scenes of jumping through dimensions, off world spaceship, using palm energy to heal and kill, training young kids to overpower someone mind, seeing shape-shift holograms, forcing someone to act like a dog, lecture and demonstration on mind control subjects in auditorium, rage psychic killing, and a New World Order system established on other planets. The other inter-planetary system rule by monarchy system base on genetics. One male energy sent me a telepathic “knowing” that he was the one that enacted the global system on their planet. Then I would see a young man’s life enlisting in the galactic military: he has a father that own properties on their world and off world and a sister. His father system of control was very similar to the mega-corporate industrial economic system on Earth. The mother, I sense, was absent. His father gathered humanoids (I say humanoids because they look like us but are biologically different) off worlds that had psionic abilities onto a ship that landed on top of their water property. The top up on Earth drama is led by “three entities” in charge of directing a secret group on Earth. The “three” are the one leading the human program on Earth. I felt from them extreme hate/contempt for humanity and a strong superior complex drill in by their lecturer. They coordinate like a military unit. They are highly psychic. I thought those were dreams but then I started to see them in real life, while I was confused and reading on the released information of Targeted Individual, I thought the CIA were experimenting on me via MKultra because the symptoms and experiences mirror that of Targeted Individuals; however, as I dreamt, I actually saw these group in real life.

Never feed into their negativity because it’s like a ping-pong game that never stops. These Suppressor Entities invaded my psyche and energy body with the sole purpose to control via the remote controllers. The controllers attack in group. It’s almost mandatory that psychic protection is needed.


The Suppressor Entity has progress to an advance stage, to be the intrusive inner voice, with its own hub of consciousness that tries to direct me. I know myself and my inner consciousness to know that it’s an alien consciousness interfacing with me.

This clearing process is not easy. It takes a toll on my body. I have lost 20 lbs, in the span of 2 months, meditating all day because that helps with the headache. I had to go to the Emergency room once the headache was severe. Doctor administered strong pain medication via IV drop through my vein but that did not help the pressure “migraine” as the doctor said. My CT scan came out negative. I will start posting my medical records when those are available after neurological testings are done. This is the only method that helps: remotely healing and extracting it myself. For anyone going through this, you have to focus your entire being on extracting it out.

Visualize Attune and Meditate: I visual it coming out and light from higher source going into my chakras to flush them out. I quiet my mind while its voice talks. Then I envision light from the most highest vibration of God plane coming into my chakras to heal all holes and tears. The main attack is my heart chakra so I focus on closing and sealing it (I have heard them trying to command it to open the heart chakra to cause a heart-attack via Voice-to-skull Technology), but they attack all chakra points. They tend to attack the area I guard least: the back entry.

Laser Sharp Focus Attention: While in this deep meditative state you must draw your attention inward and mentally scan all your body parts and energy field with your mind. You do this by shifting a laser-sharp very focus attention to your body. When I do this, I locate the left cranial pressure until it breaks up inside my head, then its “tendrils” lifts off my chest on the left side where my heart is located and the pressure is alleviated. I also feel its tendrils letting go of my heart, solar plexus, and sacral points. Its tendrils start to travel down my legs and I can feel it lift out from the big right toe. You can actually feel them shifting and traveling through the meridian lines on your body. Your goal is to take out its hub of consciousness on the lateral side of your head. This hub of consciousness feels like an internal cranial pressure but unlike normal pressure headache (I had migraines before so I know what those feel like) when isolated it lifts up and shift off to other areas of the body. With every focus attention draw inward into yourself and shift all of your attention onto this pressure in your head. The extracting process hurt like it’s attempting to hook in deeper because it sense itself coming off my body. Just keep the momentum and shift your focus to all attack points without losing attention on your “cranial pressure.” THE INTENTION IS TO GET IT OUT OF YOUR BODY AND ENERGY FIELD AS YOU FEEL IT LIFT AND SHIFT AROUND.

Breathing and the Blow-Out Push Method:  While you have that pressure isolate in your mind, making your mouth in a tight “O” shape without losing focus on the pressure or momentum in the healing/extraction process blow and forcibly push “it” out of your mouth from the lung deep down from the solar plexus. You shall still feel it shift around but at this point it’s not inside your body causing pain; however, it still moves around on the first level of your energy body. You don’t want to lose momentum or it’ll sink back in. It feels like spiders or tentacles slithering across your skin. You do feel it let go from inside your body’s chakra points slithering on the top layer of your body. Focus. Keep visualizing and drawing in light energy and with each fresh breath, DO NOT LOSE FOCUS OF WHAT YOU’VE ISOLATED, with your mouth and your tongue while in the tight “O” shape, wiggle your tongue to the left side or where the cranial pressure is and its tentacles from other areas within your body will wiggle too as “it” let go from left side of your back heart, solar plexus, and sacral chakra points. You’re actually holding parts of this entity’s hub of consciousness (cranial pressure) at this point it’s stunned and its tendrils grasp on you let go. That’s why all the shifting happens. Blow it all out, for instance, I feel it trying to come off my big right toe, but as it’s comes out it hurts like needle and wave of energy traveling down from pressure brain hub source.

The Orion Palm: Any healer that is attune to handle energy, even myself while I’m doing my own extraction, can pull it out while it has lift off from it embedding in my body. It pulses on my palm, as I gather it from where I felt “it” lift off, and I stare at my palm and focus its energy off my palm. The throbbing/pulsing is quite strong. The difficult part: I only have two healing hands, while I manage to get this thing out of my body, I can’t gather it all from where it’s coming out because it’s slither around.

Having more than one Healer is ideal in helping you remove “it” because it’s difficult to pull it all out while it’s shifting everywhere trying to hide from you. I’m working with another psychic healer/acupressure massage therapist who sees it as some condense energy pocket in my left cranium. I’m starting to work with her while planning on getting an acupuncture.

I’ll keep everyone posted until full recovery. If anyone is experiencing something similar don’t be afraid to contact me in the contact form.

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