Dream Analysis 1: Let me go!

Dream Analysis 1: Let me go!

Hypnos and Thanatos, Sleep and His Half-Brothe...
Hypnos and Thanatos, Sleep and His Half-Brother Death, an 1874 painting by John William Waterhouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Being a vivid and sometimes lucid dreamer, waking to reality, the dream tells a richer story and some has prophetic scenes. This is the type of dreams that I have. In the past like most people, my dreams were psychological release from things in reality I’ve encountered or seen. That’s how most people dream; they dream in context to the things that they’re exposed to, but they dream in random discord that doesn’t make sense and is forgotten upon waking. We all tend to astral project when we sleep, at some point, and travel to other places but when we come back we don’t remember our little nightly adventure. For my readers that followed my past entries to present, you know I’m dealing with something that’s Military Alien Abduction/Illuminati to something towards the paranormal. This was before I knew of the Illuminati or Milab conspiracy theory; I was just having dreams of underground experiments, psychic military training, eugenic ideology, breeding and human programming through trauma, auditorium lecture rooms, worm-holes, “three-controlling entities,” Horus-Ra and Egypt, other worlds, and dimensional beings, etc. Upon my friend’s request, I have been paying attention to these dreams and sometimes writing them down. The psychic healer/acupressure therapist I’m working with mentioned, as I get older I’ll become more psychic. Now, I believe everyone is psychic to some degree and should “work-it” like any muscle on the body. I also believe psychic protection is necessary, so please refer to the side; I recommend some books on psychic development and protection. I’m coming into my own as a psychic by accepting this part of me. When I was young my mother fear of my seeing entities caused me to shut it down (this is something I don’t remember until she told me) but it’s opening up again.
For the Targeted Individual, please meditate and stay logical, don’t lose your mind by going on a rage rampage like Mr. Alexis our Navy Yard shooter. I know how the psychology/psychiatry field work, with the American Psychological Association, it’s all about defining people’s mental state then prescribing medication that masks symptoms while causing other side effects; instead, I believe in therapy or alternative holistic healing as possible treatment methods. I have a friend that’s a Doctor in psychology who believes in the whole Targeted Individual experiences since he’s personally working with clients. I’m personally dealing with Suppressor Parasite Entity SPE that’s inserted during programming via the Negative ET controller that look very human.
Onward to the topic of this entry, I had dreams in Savannah, Georgia that makes sense with the entire experience I’m going through.

In Boundary Hall, my student apartment, under heavy ‘sleep paralysis,’ I sense a dark presence walking above my head. Scenes shift and I pick-up military base somewhere, that’s the feeling, then I sense a young blond male presence at this military base. Then a dark shadowy being intention to lay beside me. I manage to break out of that paralysis and move before asking the ‘entity’….’who are you?’ He responded in a deep demonic voice with a name that started with a ‘Maha-‘ sound like ‘Maha-det.’


I lay on my full size bed, and awareness was awoken within me, I knew I’m dreaming. It was like an alarm has been set-off inside. I’m in the green southern style house and someone has broken into my place. I’m fighting to move and realize within my dream I’m experiencing ‘sleep paralysis’ again. I knew the intention of the young man was to target and kill me. I sense military impression from him. He ascends the stair and his mental intention was to ‘choke me.’ I’m fighting to move and speak. I manage to say ‘Don’t touch me.’ Then someone mentally told him like his commander ‘Get out of there!!!’ He got scared, jumped, and fled down the stair.

When I spoke, don’t touch me, it actually woke me from my dream, my walls sounded like it was about to crack and my closet door swung wide-open. I heard noises outside and called the police then a friend in town.
In another dream and the same energy signature was still present.

On that same full size bed, in the same dark room, I’m experiencing another sleep paralysis. Beings or group of people surround me, all I see is their dark arms waving across my body like how most energy healer would do while balancing people’s chakra; however, this wasn’t the case I felt a predatory scavenger energy signature from them. I look down and my body glowed. They wanted to open me up to take my essence inside themselves. They overwhelmed me while I laid in bed. A male presence, very military-like in a uniform, was walking around my head on what seem like the upper layer to the dimension where I laid on my bed. Then all the sudden he was behind me, and scattered the groups off of me, wanting to embrace me into himself. I’m trying to scream out ‘let me go,’ but I was too exhausted after fighting off that group, so I felt myself sink down into him.

I also had a dream of a blond male in the military uniform asking for my help.

My room was in the attic with stair connecting down to my studio space. I’m in my room getting dressed. On my side table lay a ‘blueprint’ of what I had do in life, it was symbolized as an architectural blueprints, but it was my life’s mission. A young man in military uniform came into my room, took my ‘architectural’ blueprints, walked down stair and look back at me asking me ‘to help him.’

I was livid he had the audacity to ask for my help when he took an important ‘script’ from my life. By the way, I believe in choosing whom you should help. This gets into creating boundaries and letting people of similar vibration surround you.
When coming back from Savannah to Nashville, the level of “strangeness” increased because I kept seeing freemason symbol on cars surrounding me as I go about my day. I have this photographic evidence on my posts called Illuminati After Me and Illuminati part 2. This is just a small sample of how their symbol surrounds me and on the road. It’s like they wanted me to know–a warning. This symbol was something I never seen before. Other people were more aware of this “conspiracy theory” than I was. The first time I seen this masonic symbol, it was chiseled on Savannah’s City Hall, I was taking a drafting class for architecture and sketching the building for case study.
My dream as I’m studying architecture engineering back in Nashville, and the scene was about some classmate’s energy I picked up, and group of “people” blocking my move.

I see one cripple guy with a cane walking up the stairs. He actually goes to Vanderbilt University, and he’s chatting with his group of friend; however, this student is taking public speech class with me. (This was a class I held off taking due to my fear of public speech. I get anxiety attacks.) I sense I’m somewhere in this school building trying to go to my speech class. A group of student, his friend, is blocking my path and create a distraction while they were in deep ‘conversation.’ I got frustrated and I just decided to bump right into them BUT I walk through them instead. Then the scene shift, I notice a guy concentrating on trying to give me a heart attack sitting to my left side. My head turn slightly toward him and notice the hem of his blue T-shirt. He’s surprise and lose concentration then walks up, while simultaneously, I briefly caught a scene of another aspect of him ‘somewhere’–dark hair sleeping but then getting up and walking off.

As I awoke in real life, I felt a presence in my room and the sound of footstep walking off from my left side where he’d been. A small humanoid barely phased on this plane hurried off out my room and down the hallway. I don’t know if this is some dimensional overlap that happened and I was connected to via him, or if there’s a dimensional plane where these controllers shift to control.
Then as men worked on the water pipe near my residence, they dug around the building, and I had the oddest vivid dream.

I kept seeing three men digging into the ground. They were installing and laying some metal wire into the ground. From a prospective, of a woman that was one of the man’s wife (this is not me), the man told me to go get him a glass of water. I sense arrogance amongst the men working on the ground installation around the house. One man suggested to the other, we should make someone install this for us. The man that was ‘my’ husband said it’s better to do it ourselves because it’ll be done right. As I walk into a white house, I felt no love for this man, and took a course away from the house to commit suicide by jumping off the fence of our yard. The scene shifts and it’s dark, I feel a darker plane pulling me down, but I manage to shift my mind into the light onto the other side. Someone is giving me a life review at a remote location, I can see the school I plan on building being built and situated on a mountain, but it was built after I died. Then I remember I had to make this happen, I feel my conscious shift and lower down back into my body, and I felt a strong emotion of sadness when I came back into my body. Someone was sobbing from my left side attached to me, then his sadness pierce into my physical body and I woke up crying. 

Before I woke-up from this dream, I hear interference of German language, and I caught the name George Von… 
Then today, I had a dream set in a house party with some friends when I used to major in fine art: painting.

This house party was reminiscent of the Halloween house party my friend and cousin took me to. My graphic design/ photographer friend was photo-documenting the party because in real life, the party had a live DJ in the living room, while he documented the event. He and I talk about how his career is taking off because he actually work by photo-documenting concerts and special events. He mentioned he thought I would be successful in the art field traveling to Hong Kong by now. Then the knowing of ‘something’ attempt at controlling my life to prevent my ‘conscious intention and dream’ from manifesting as it blocks my every move. A sadness fill my heart and I cried from within my dream.

When I woke-up, the emotion still lingered. I thought back on my birth and remember from a higher vibration something was attempting to block and control me. From such a high plane of expansive un-limitless state of love and happiness that was a natural part of “being.” I felt pull down and sadness for the “first time.” Then it led me to this drama on Earth physical plane and small group of “low vibration” negative polarity attempting to control. 
To warp it all up, in the “real world–the physical one” the noises within my mind like some entity or maybe a shattered soul part of myself broke off during trauma. It kept asking Josh, let me go or it’ll continue to say let me go. When I attempt to heal myself and cleanse my chakra, from where I felt un-balance or phantom emotion/ secondary emotion that overlay my own emotions, it’s like another person’s emotion masking my authentic emotion with their manufactured emotion. This secondary emotion is embedded on my back solar plexus, this control emotion and confidence, the parasitic possessor scream inside, help me, and my chest jerks. This is like a “multi-dimensional” attack on my energetic body, emotional body, and physical body. Many ascension spiritual teacher like Drunvalo Melchizedek, Lisa Renee, and even Juelle and The Council are aware of Negative Alien Agenda to control us. They have killed people Juelle once told me.
I was spiritually naive, and let myself open-up to something I never wanted to experience. Because I was polarized towards positive attraction and being in a positive state of mind; maybe, when I was in Savannah during extreme stress and assault that resulted in depression which lowered my vibration for easy attack and insertion of this Suppressor Parasite Entity SPE into my energetic body, emotional, then as it progress to physical pain. I did not signal to the universal law of attraction to send these beings into my life. No matter your degree of psychic abilities, I think we’re all psychic and having knowledge of psychic protection is critical.

The controllers have stop trying to command have a heart attack. I don’t hear this command anymore what replaces it is let her go, let her go, let her go. Or as I’m on the verge of fully “extracting” this Suppressor Parasite Entity SPE, I would hear a male voice remotely say take it out. I have said I’ve seen faces from my dream appear in real life while I used to work at a Sushi restaurant my friend owned. I also have prophetic dreams.

***Note to Readers: I had a real hard time trying to post this one with server error***


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