Dream Analysis 2: The Great White Brotherhood

Dream Analysis 2: The Great White Brotherhood

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The very word ‘secret’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and secret proceeding.
–President John F. Kennedy

The first part of my dream interpretation: Dream Analysis 1: Let me go!

The information I’m about to release may seem too fantastical, and I wouldn’t want your skeptical mind to change. The majority of you wouldn’t believe me and I have nothing to lose by writing about it. I do ask that you be open to these information that I’m picking up and the experiences. Now, I wouldn’t take everything to heart because these are mixtures of my prophetic dreams, dream “memories,” and reality.


In a prior blog entry, entitled “Dream Analysis: Let me go!” I wanted to add a quick series of dreams I’ve had. Like I’ve stated in that post, most people can’t recall their dreams. It’s fleeting. If they have the abilities to vividly and lucidly dream, recall is much easier, and that’s how I dream; however, as of recently, two years ago, I’ve started to validate my prophetic dreams. From dreaming of my stepdad falling off the roof, then having a déjà vu moment when he actually fell and exclaimed the exact words from my dream, to seeing people demonstrating “mind-alter” technology and “mind control,” then dreaming of large industrial complex where lectures were held on genetics and eugenic to promote a sense of superiority in the lectured mass. I would brush it off as a dream until these “people” started showing up in reality at my employment.

To start off, I would like to talk about the people in “white”. I started seeing them while I briefly dated this military guy in Savannah, GA. I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, and he was lying beside me, then for the first time I started to see images flash before my mind’s eyes. Dry red sandy arid region and and a military outpost then the scene changed, and I see people attending a party in “white dress code” outside an expensive property. As I found out later, the dry arid region was in Afghanistan and it was the military guy “work post” while he was station there (of course I didn’t say anything); more importantly, I’m curious about the group that likes to hold expensive “white dress code” parties. There’s a particular energy signature they gave off.
For example, when I broke off the relationship with the military guy ( There was a lot of mind altering and mood altering experience in that relationship. This gets into the Horus Ra “shift” experience, which I’ll get into in another post.) The energy felt lighter after the break-up. Some of the people around me in the architecture program gave off an energy I couldn’t put into words. 
The round table dream, that involves my architecture construction tech. classmate/project partner:

I’m in a different location. The surrounding has a dark hue. It looks like a circular conference room with a huge circular table. I was seated at the table and across from me I see my class partner, an Indian guy, and gathered around us were younger guys from early 20s to mid-20s. There was something about them that belies their youthful appearance. Something…They all extended their arms out to offer me ‘ice cream.’ I took the ice cream from the closest guy seated next to me.

and then this dream of shipping containers that’s probably brought on by one of my colleague at work (Ele Fine Fusion.) She mentioned knowing a guy that had a lot of money working in shipments and ports. It was one of my colleague that mention playing games with “real life” people involved. I didn’t think much of it. That weird energy signature still lingered off of some people at that fine dining restaurant. 

I see global shipping docks for imports and exports. Large global companies that regulates prices of goods from different countries. I sense a business enterprise. I’m seated atop one of the containers stacks on-top one another like staircases. I’m with a group of young people. I scan the scenes aerially. The group and I are loitering around, but there was a sense of knowledge of global affair. There were pecking order among us and conversation ensues. Then scenes shift, I’m in a male body, and a woman is naked and asleep. Without much thought, I was compel to have sex with the woman. There was a camera filming the crime.  


Back in Savannah, there was this one architecture partner of mine that I can’t quite forget. He said he was from Egypt and joke about being immortal in a sense. We did have a tendency to argue over the design of our project but overall when we were able to agree, division of tasks was broken, and we set off to work. I related to him my dream of building and designing a school in the future; then the conversation was propel into freemasonry, but at this point I was unaware of the conspiracy element to them. ( Mind you, I had a professor that’s a mason and had colleagues that were related to masonic members.) He mentioned people have randomly died, then one day, while we were in the wood-shop he showed me a clip of a guy “avoiding” a fatal car accident. He said, “sometime it’s planned,” with that ominous remark. Sometime after our critique of the project was over, he came over to my newly lease southern green style house. I brought out our “mini-3D design” and saw him looking around as if he was being followed or watched.

Then summer-break rolled around and I was back in Nashville. I was mulling over the idea of returning back to Savannah to finish my degree at SCAD (because I had one more year left and most of it was studio classes–1½ to be exact ) or transfer to a local university back home for Architectural Engineering. I decided to stay back home. I took on a waitressing job from a friend I had design a logo for. In that restaurant, a strange hispanic woman, who clearly didn’t like me for god knows what frequent the restaurant often, but that same energy signature linger off of her. While driving home from work, a car came at me from the right, I manage to swerve my car away from the impact and straighten the tires to prevent my car from falling off a steep ditch. It was the same hispanic woman from the restaurant or looked like her anyways. She just stared at me without slowing down and her head followed the direction of my car. It was an eerie experience. I was shaken by it but was numb to really react afterward.

People in dream appearing in real life:
While I was working at my friend’s restaurant, there were 4 incidents of my dreaming and seeing these people in real life.

1.) The dream of sample human under “mind control” and the hypnotist changing appearance:

My vision scan the building and area. It looks like a fancy hotel or theater. I see people drive in luxury cars and handed their key to the valet attendant. As my mind got inside the building, there’s a huge auditorium where young ‘people’ acted as hypnotists. It was reminiscent of a hypnotist show from the like of Tom DeLuca but there was a disgusting degrading twist to it. I came into the mind of one of the audience member. There were humans on tables and chairs being over-power mentally by these kids. One girl with long brunette hair, looked out at the audience and her outfit changed. She was in a geisha face paint and Japanese kimono. The scene shift, I catch myself or parts of my mind clearly observing but not in control of my action, I notice I’m on a table. I hear the command for me to bark.

After that incident, I stumble upon information release by the late Serge Monast on a project Blue Beam. For instant, the Caucasian brunette girl that changed into a Japanese kimono clad geisha, walked into the restaurant with a little girl. I was floored yet I continue to act like everything was normal. So, I brush it off as coincidence and logically concluded that she had common facial like the girl from my dream.

2.) and further:

His icy blue eyes was all I saw, then my mind went into a deeper state, he told me “30 seconds to mars.” Then I was compel to kiss him and there was a small being child-like in size running around us. In the back of my mind, this was something I did not want to do. He guided  me to a table–inserted in my mind–was the notion we were at a restaurant. That we were a couple. I felt nothing for the ‘guy’ but my heart soften, when he turn around and place food on the floor for what I understand were his children.

and then this dream

I’m in a room and in the center is a single bed. I’m with a guy who just moved into a new ‘house’. I see that same icy blue eyes telling me, “let’s cum together,” and I realize we were being intimate on the bed. I felt fear crept into my mind of being pregnant. Then I sense an important meeting. When we got of room, I realize it’s a large industrial complex, and I see two other ‘assigned’ couples meeting up with us. I got the feeling I was assign to him. We arrived at open space that remind of a large industrial warehouse. Rolls of seats were set up for us, and I separate from the group to sit by myself. I saw a blond chubby woman on stage. Her hair was cut short.  A ‘cat’ standing on its hind legs rocking everyone’s chair as it went by distracted me. I remember glimpse of the lecture was on genetics. She said and it clearly stuck to my mind, “EVERY inferior species is always replace by SUPERIOR species.”

After that dream, I went to work like normal. While I was getting my guest drinks, I felt an eyes on me and looked up. The woman looking at me looked like the woman lecturing from the dream. She stared me with cold hateful expression. I ignore her to keep my sanity and told myself she had a generic look.

3.) My co-worker at the time was going through culinary school and worked as support staff. All of the co-workers were sitting down for lunch when the restaurant settle down, a black guy came through the door and wave at me, in that instant it trigger an old dream I had. My boss asked if I knew him.

In this dream, I’m sitting on a bench. I feel lost. I don’t where I’m at. All I see is this white corridor, a black guy comes up to me like he knew, and greeted me like old friends would. But I just sat at the bench, and he knelt down to look into my eyes, and asked if I remember him. He search for any sign of recognition then looked sad and walked away.

4.) I’ll call this dream, the I-tried-to-sneek-up-on-you and scare you dream:

I always had dreams of seeing extensive closets and a room that were mine. ( There were series of pirate ships before this dream emerged.) I’m walking along a outlet mall, it’s getting late, I sense a guy stalking me. Without actually seeing him, I can pick up on his image and intention. He wanted to surprise me. Every time he wanted to say, ‘boo!’ I would turn around and catch him, and he tried this 3 three times! We were in a store where they sold luxury hand-bags. He said he bought-out the entire store and it’s all mine. The communication wasn’t verbally stated. I thank him and hugged him but he knew I wasn’t interested in the gifts.

As I woke and got ready for work at the restaurant, the day went by exceedingly normal BUT then as I left work and headed towards my car. I sense someone sneaking around the restaurant. I didn’t know if he’ll actually go in the restaurant or act like a “sketchy” person outside. He had dark hair, was pale with  clear blue eyes, and when he took a quick look at me. It triggered me to remember the dream from last night.

To be continue before this post gets too long…
(There’s more to this story, as it culminates into my headache I’m seeing a neurologist for.)


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