Dream Analysis 3: Human Programming and Mind Control

Dream Analysis 3: Human Programming and Mind Control

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English: Information Awareness Office logo; from http://www.darpa.mil/iao/ (Currently down, see archived page: http://web.archive.org/web/20020802012150/http://www.darpa.mil/iao) Category:Images of official seals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.
–Mahatma Gandhi
Please read part 1 Dream Analysis 2: The Great White Brotherhood as this is a continuation of the first article.
I want to delve deeper into conscious shift and mind control, since I’ve been experiencing this headache 2½ years non-stop (24/7). I’ll go ahead and discuss the things that were happening when the headache started and prior to the headache. Even my close group of friends has notice I’ve changed a lot. One of my friends has said, ” You don’t talk to us like you used to. You’re more quiet like your hiding something. You’re not the same.” She said I used to be more bubbly-positive-talkative and personable; always open to meeting new people and hanging out with the group of friends I’ve known from my day as a studio art: painting major. I would go to parties for gallery openings and attend restaurants with my colleagues and family; however, this change she notice in me was dark and I became more quiet and serious. This was not my being stuck-up and avoiding people when they asked me to attend parties and to socialize like old times. How can I possibly explain to my group of friends that I’m suffering from some kind of anomalous trauma? Without appearing crazy if I were to tell them the truth, that is, but from the request of my friend, who I confide these information without judgment–I started to write. It helped that his background as a doctor in psychology assured me that I’m not going crazy; furthermore, I was encourage to write about these experiences from psychics and psychic healers. And never in a million years would I have believe in these experiences from those wanting to deliver their truth, but I realize now anything is possible and certain topic on the fringe of science, alternative news, spirituality, and even our reality may have some validity to it. It made me realize my simple dream of becoming a license architect to designing my own school was quite a small self-less act. Then I discovered the things that are being planned for this planet and her people by certain group. It makes me very worried about humanity’s future. Especially the military industrial complex and the covert nature of our government to hide information from its citizen that can heavily impact their lives. Some of us are still at a stage where the belief of an invisible man creating the universe is more conceivable than the logic based potential for life on other planets.
As I relate the Horus-Ra dream in greater details, you can find my writing on the Trinity and Fractal Distortion. This is a dream from middle school or high school:

In this dream, I’m inside of a large building reminiscent of a glass covered atrium and institutional building (or commercial building like a mall.) It was an onslaught. A complete take-over—they surrounded us in the 1000s. They were weak. I felt high voltage energy flowing through my entire being. It surges through my palms. I saw my arms covered in black-leather-nylon extend outward as the energy radiate from the core of my being through my palms to disintegrate them. As my energy leveled off, a conscious ‘shift’ happens and my teammate (another woman in black uniform) pushes forward and finishes them off with a blast of energy. There were three of us. We weave in-and-out creating a 360-degree impenetrable energetic weapon with our bodies using only our ‘palms’ to kill. Where one falters another push forward to lead, yet we are ‘one’ mind. Everybody in that building died, and I remember getting a high off of the power surge. We walked out of the building; the landscape was dark with crumpling architectures like an aftermath of war. I just remember watching the muscle of my thighs ripple under black-leather-nylon and hearing the clacking of my heels on pavement. My body is strong and tall.  

The scene shifts and I see my mind traveling over distant lands. I’m inside of a small country house. There’s a young male living with his mother and sister. I’m with the young man, and I sense he was from a future ‘time-line’ yet in my mind or his, I’m from a part of his past history. Someone he only knew through history books.

 I lay to sleep in that ‘country house.’ From a distance, I hear someone asked me, ‘who are you?’ As my mind fell into deeper sleep, another consciousness pushes forward. Everything fell apart and I see beyond the walls of the ‘country house’, which wasn’t a country house at all. I was on a space ship and I seeing beyond its walls towards the stars. At this point, I’m just aware and observing. A deep male voice erupted from my mouth, ‘I’m Horus-Ra.’

It was this particular “shift” in consciousness that happened in real life that made me questioned that particular dream I had so long ago. In the last post, I mentioned dating a guy in the military. That relationship had elements of mind altering and mood altering experiences. There was a moment that triggers that old ‘shift’ in consciousness that I remember from that old dream, or I’ll catch myself doing something I don’t want to. I’ll relate back to the incidents that made me more aware of what I’m dealing with:

When I was dating the military guy, it was our 4th date and he was over at my place, we were making out. I was on top of him and pulled back to look at him. Something strange started happening in my mind. I felt this very strong compulsion like someone or something was controlling me to try to make me say, ” I love you.” I caught myself 3 times fighting the words back and wondering what is going on because I definitely do not love him. I barely know him at this stage. Strange no? 

We rolled around the bed and he said he had to tell me something then told me to forget it, but I prodded the information out of him until he said “love me.” Considering what I’m going through now, with the pressure headache and voices, I thought back on a remark he said to me in the car; it was in parking lot, he asked me if I were to constantly hear a voice in my mind repeating a command for me to kill myself, would I do it? Because he said he would kill himself. Anyway, when the pressure headache started I logically started searching for “symptoms of mental illness” instead google results brought me into conspiracy theory of CIA’s  MKULTRA “mind control” project via Nazi’s scientist/psychiatrist Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron experiments that he term psychic driving. (This was how I discovered the whole Targeted Individual cases that were happening globally to people and methods of gas-lighting, psychic driving, high tech harassment, and stage theater acts. This is done all in the hopes of driving Targeted Individual into insanity, confusion, suicide, or violent acts. With the whole western psychiatric institution design in way, along with social stigma, to label people mental health it can be a great tool to commit the greatest “crime against humanity” without getting caught.)

Psychic driving: Within the human brain is an area called the Wernicke or Borca that controls language comprehension; how sounds enter the ears, then the electrical signal translate that into Language. Imagine the signals that control these “sound commands” being hijack to play commands over in loop in the sub-conscious mind, with the intention to watch subject follow those commands. That was what Ewen Cameron worked on while he was torturing his subject.

Now, there was one incident with the military guy that made me wonder what was going on with him. While he was lying beside me, his body started to convulse like he was having a mild seizure on my bed. It seems more like electricity or certain energy waves were shocking his body. Then when I told him be careful and don’t get me pregnant, at this point I’m making fun of him for looking like an alien crop-circle face, and this was after we had sex. He made joke saying if he was an alien, and it’ll be an alien sperm or something alien he’ll put inside of me. He said wanted to insert a parasite inside of me.

As I’m dealing with this “cranial pressure,” I’m going back as an energy healer looking for alternative methods to cope with the pain. Of course, I’m still waiting to find out the results of my CT, MRI, and EEG; strangely enough, I’m having dreams of Vanderbilt hospital and the university. I see “people” messing with my files. And as an intuitive energy healer, I’m looking into the ascension process and the work of Lisa Renee who also mentioned “implants and energy parasites,” she calls them Archontic Genetic Engineered Entities (SPE). I’ve hyperlinked the last words to her website, it explains further what they are and how they’re used to program human consciousness.
To be continue…
Links for further investigation or study
1. https://www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/csi-studies/studies/97unclass/ufo.html (CIA website documenting UFO)
2. http://www.jeffpolachek.com/kt-books ( For free e-books from Dr. Karla Turner : Taken, Masquerade of Angels, and Into the Fringe)

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