Dream Analysis 4: Military and the CIA

Dream Analysis 4: Military and the CIA

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
                                      –Murphy’s Law
Please read part 2 of Dream Analysis 3: Human Programming and Mind Control as it’s a continuation of the last article.
The last blog entry was about the Horus-Ra dream and conscious shift that happened to me. How the Horus-Ra personality took over while my main personality was shifted to the background as an observer. The heighten psychic abilities of this Egyptian God personality was on another level (reminiscent of the level I had when I was first born and saw those “three entities.”) I have a lot friend in the New Age community who are psychics using mediums like tarot cards and crystals to assist them with readings, or they would use their “spirit guides” to help pick up signals from clients; however, this psychic level was expanded consciousness that broke down the screen illusion of the “person” asking the personality who it was. The Horus-Ra entity psychic perception can break down the psychic control of the programmers. That was why I saw the space ship and not the “country house” the programmers wanted me to see.
Then I understood that “shift” in my consciousness and emotion while I was with the guy in the military. It was an experience that I’ve never experience before in my waking reality until I met that young military guy. Before the guy enters my life, I was having “sleep paralysis” or control dreaming from some young blond guy at a remote military base. My consciousness broke down the barriers of the dream he was forcing me to see, the Maha-det shadow being, as a mental projection he created. I was able to break down that dreamscape manipulation to locate his position. This dream was recorded in my first attempt to analyze my dream: Dream Analysis 1: Let me go!
As I worked at my friend’s restaurant, these “people” would show up in the restaurant after I dreamt of them. I would never consider my dreams if they didn’t reveal themselves to me. (Good for them they have that “blue light” optic technology to hide in.) There was this one particular woman who looked like combination of Mata Hari and a 1920s flabber with her pixie hair cut. She liked to take on a commanding voice, she would say “NO!” or start calling out all the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses names in the restaurant. Peculiar. The friend that’s a doctor in psychology was aware of the “illuminati” programming and told me “they” like to use Egyptian Gods and Goddesses (Pagan Gods/Goddesses) as part of the program.

Remember in my previous blog entry, I mentioned the military guy convulsing on my bed like he was having a mild seizure, which he never done before. Something happened to me while I was in Savannah; the dream of seeing two grey aliens trying to capture me on another dimensional plane when I came back from Laos (Laos Experience), and while dreaming in that green southern style house in Savannah, I pick up these two entities energy signature. In dream, it shape-shifted itself into a puppy and created an energetic cord. When I came back to Nashville, I had a nightmare: I sense two beings but I couldn’t see them. I see a swing set and I felt energy cords slithering around my body, while this was happening my body jerked sporadically and woke me up. I felt like my energy/soul was pulled out and drained. Then I realize at that moment I was convulsing in bed like he was. I remember it looked like a wave of “energy” was shocking him.
Then I started to have advance “psychic” military operation dreams:


This was in New York, that’s the feeling got. I’m in a very expensive fine dining restaurant situated at the top level of a sky-rise building with spectacular view of the city’s nightlight.  I’m “hunting” for people that looked human but aren’t. I’m in woman’s body and she’s very focus and gathering information by absorbing it with her mind. The people have a very high image of themselves in context to their role in society. I sense celebrities, billionaire business owners, and people in politic. People that shaped our world, yet I wasn’t impress with their position in human society because my goal was clear–to gather information like a mental sponge.

Then the ‘shift,’ I see myself in a strong woman’s body. I’m leading my teammate. I see my thighs in black-leather-nylon descending down a spiral staircase. I hear the teammate heels reverberate off the walls. I sense a dark male presence linked to my location from a remote security ‘room.’ As I descend down the stairs, I felt fear.  It was the fear of the ‘people’ down below. They sense us coming. The tunnel looked like a highly fortified industrial complex. The male in the remote location has set off the security in the complex.

There was a pre-cognitive skills I had that put me in the position to lead the team. Whatever I knew ahead of time alerted my teammate who were linked to me like ‘one mind.’ This is when I sense the male remotely activating lock-down in our particular tunnel. I saw it in my mind before it came: a bomb rolling around the corner to us. It came but I was prepare to deflect it. I deflect the first and the second wave by projecting a shield from from my mind. The third bomb came too sudden and caught me off guard. A ‘woman’ from behind me pushes forward to help me block the last bomb. She’s taller than me. I came up to her shoulder. She had black hair, a hook nose like a bird, high cheek bone, and from the profile of her face I saw what looked like black ‘eye-liner’ depicted from Egyptian art. She told me to focus, said she specialize in defensive shield level 42, then took the lead.

The male in the security room came out after us. I remember hand-to-hand combat and killing him. Then another male enter the this large ‘airspace hanger’ or large industrial warehouse with crates, containers, and supplies. The male was massive with a tiger’s head. Mentally, I got the impression the male was partner to one of my teammate. I caught their mental communication. He was apologizing for doing something–said they had him under mind control, starve him, and raise his aggression level. I sense extreme grief from her because ‘they’ made him eat their children.


 There’s also a recurring dream I tend to have since middle school. It involves me being in a ship under water.

It’s like I’m in a ship or a submarine. I know ‘we’re’ under vast ocean floor. I always sense I’m in a unit or team. It feels very military like in structure.

In my waking hours, after the “bomb” dream I notice every time I slept my body would jerk me awake. I would see burn marks rapidly heal around my hands, legs, thighs, buttocks, and arms. The doctor told me I had eczema, which I never had before, she said it can happen to due weather changes that the body is getting use to. In this case, the change from sub-tropical climate in Savannah to cold winter in Nashville. It’s like some energy wave was attacking me, or as one neurologist is trying to find out; a mild from of seizure is a possible diagnosis. Mind you, there is no family history of seizure of mental illnesses. The only thing I’m aware is my grandparents passing away from cancer at a ripe old age.
Ever since waking up this eczema that miraculously appear overnight, I would inspect my body and apply Fougera® Triamcinolone Acetonide cream. On three occasion, I’ve found 3 perfect round bruises that completely healed and disappeared as the day wore on. I would wake with the smell of chemical lingering my room with nausea and being dehydrated even though I drank plenty of water.
I’ll have further dream of psychic military operation. This one particular dream stood out to me because it felt like a huge investigation.

Again in this dream, I feel I’m with a larger team instead of a unit consisting of three highly psychic woman. I take the lead again because I can pre-cognitively scan rooms, areas, and events before it happened. We are underground. I sense a battle broke-out and the aftermath was lingering emotional fear. The walls were covered in blood. The people that were fighting have left. We were there to investigate. The place has that same ‘industrialize’ complex feeling.

I came into a smaller room from the metal tunnel. My teammates are behind me. In that room, I see two human male. One is an older man and the other is younger, I go over to inspect their bodies. One was fatality wounded but alive, I ran my hands over his body and brought him back to life. The other was clearly dead but can be revived. I waved my hand over his body and brought him back. It was at this point that I was going to go inside his mind to retrieve information. I don’t remember this part of the dream.

In reality, I’m enroll at a state university to finish an Architectural Engineering degree. I would work at my friend’s restaurant for additional income. The guests that came into the restaurant range from normal human energetic field to a surreal energy that I remember from dreams. The same energetic field from the people in “white dress code.”

They tend to come in large parties, we always had to accommodate them by pushing various tables together. During this time, I would feel a mental pull towards any guests or there’s a lot of mind-fuckery that happened. I would sense same energy in different “bodies.” I would also reverse drink orders or my memory would be completely erase and then triggered back on the spot. And I would experience phantom smells. In another blog entry, I’ll get into deeper details of what was happening to the signals in my brain. The other psychic energy worker has confirm something got into my Central Nervous System CNS, and this headache or thing is controlling the signals and diverting my own conscious intention to do something else.


As I slept I dreamt.  And in my waking hours, I would experience a mild form of Targeted Individual cases that I was discovering. This one particular dream was like some movie or information was being downloaded form some unknown source telling me what’s going. What the people in position of power on Earth were doing to their own human lot.

In some laboratory that felt ‘industrialized,’ I would see cages. I would have experience of being in a box or elevator. My mind felt alter like being drugged, and I sense scientists and doctors testing and making synthetic drugs. I would sense huge human experiments and making of synthetic mind altering drugs. The people were like scientists or psychologists.

I’m in a male’s body one of the staff. I’ve taken some drugs and was compel to go over a window. The next thing I know is I’m falling. The scene shifts and in that dream, and I see it like a movie, the man committed suicide. The boxes and cages were place for subjects to be studied and tortured.  

When that dream happened, I was started to google up information on CIA’s mind control experiment. Whoever induced that dream, or however my consciousness was able to retrieve that information. The result of my research lead me to documented cases of Nazi’s scientist and their work towards controlling the human mind.
While all this was happening, the major news started to reveal information on the biggest scandal in the financial sector: The Libor Scandal. Strange things started happening like bizarre noises, birds behaving erratically, and strange seismic activity. I was watching the news as Florida started reporting all the sink holes. I observed how the banks got away with the biggest scam in history because the nation was distracted and rocked by Sandy’s shooting. (It claimed it was too big to fall.) I also noticed how more of the people around me are becoming aware and waking-up to the reality of the control.
To be continued…

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