Dream Analysis 7: Conclusion The Archon’s Fear

Dream Analysis 7: Conclusion The Archon’s Fear

The degree to which your Consciousness expands, is the degree to which you understand yourself and the universe. 
–Gina Charles

This is the final conclusion of my dream analysis series. I mentioned in earlier posts that I’m a Targeted Individual and a Milab Abductee. And, I do apologize for NOT writing an entry in a while. I was having technical difficulties trying to compose the concluding article. This article was suppose to be about the neurological problems I’m currently having and being mis-diagnose multiple times by the western medical institution. While trying to upload my medical records my apple notebook crashed on me and my scanner malfunction, as well, I was having problem accessing a secure/working network. I was going to make this entry about the medical (neurological/nerve/optic/olfactory) issues that I was experiencing. Now, the software used to open the animated MRI, CT, and EEG video couldn’t be formatted to share. I still have to figure out how to do that before I go into the the symptoms I was experiencing.  It’s also cool to see my physical brain, so when I figure out how to share my medical records, I will dedicate an article to it next time. However, this conclusion is more about my mental discovery during my dream state and waking reality.

Representation of consciousness from the seventeenth century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As the “Russian’s” cosmonaut explores outer space, I’ll call myself a scio-naut exploring the inner working of consciousness, energy, and knowledge that already exists within us.
As I summarize and clarify the Dream Analysis series, I would like you to refer back to those articles to get a full scope of my experience, which I’m assuming will help other Targeted Individual or Alien Abductee and Mind Control victims. Dream Analysis series:
I hyper-linked the article above pertaining to my dreams. I advise any serious researchers to explore those articles. There may be more to come as I experience this reality…or if I haven’t died from a “heartattack,”
“stroke,” “staged accidents,” “accelerated cancer” or “suicide” etcetera yet; though, my attempting a suicide will NOT happen.
As I reiterate on my previous “dream post,” I would see faces in my dreams and see the actual person(s) later in real-life. It makes me question if those dreams were real or a projection of holographic dream control–very much like Project Blue Beam and the “blue light” that mentally terrorize Ted Rice’s, the psychic abductee from Dr. Karla Turner’s Masquerade of Angels, guest into experiencing a mock abducton in his mobile home. Whether I’m new to this level of “psychic” development myself, I don’t know. I’m just trying to figure out my experiences for myself than having experts tell me: “This what you have;” “This what you’re going through;” “This what you are;” however these so-called-experts want to define my reality for me. Seem like another attempt at brainwashing. For someone who looked into CIA mind-control like MKUltra or Pandora Box Project, upon further research into these topics and psychological tactics employed by the controllers–The state of the human mind and torture to induce dissociative personality disorder or “possession”. This whole Dream Analysis topics tie into levels of control that’s alien; this gets into topic that MUFON researchers discussed; this gets into topic that researchers like the late Dr. Karla Tuner lectured on and was threaten by “CIA” officials before she died of an accelerated cancer. Let me emphasize, “there are no such thing as ‘reptilians’ and the aliens are already here! They look human just like how Petter Higgs looks human!”<– Pay attention to why I’m releasing this information.
For example, my dream about being a guinea pig and tortured:

I’m running around in a glass maze. I sense a blond woman in the same glass maze. The glass maze contains nano-microbes that pierce into the tissues of the body and fuses with the nerves. The “architect” of this nano-microbes wanted to see if we would survive this torture while these microbes ripped through our bodies. The survivers  of this procedure was the blond woman and myself because others have died and been revived. As I experience this torture, I can psychically pick up the intention of the whole procedure from the “architect,” he was the one consciously moving the nano-microbes through our bodies to rip the tissues apart and inflict tremendous pain. Then I’m out of the glass container and went to a cafeteria area for food. I meet up with someone I know, a friend, a black guy. I sense that someone has made fun of him in their peaking order; he hands me some food from his plate.

In my waking reality, I’m still suffering from this constant headache and muscle jerk when I’m sleeping. (That’s why this article was suppose to be about my health issues.) But, from that dream excerpt above, I actually met the black guy working as a clerk at Thornton gas station. It’s a surreal experience meeting people from your dream in real life. As my Asian mom took me to an Asian healer, the healer is Laos/Cambodian/Thai, she performed an old healing remedy called coining, where one takes a coin dipped in medicines and scratch the back, I had black sandy grains being push-up through my skin. The healer grab the substances and rubbed it between her thumb and index finger, showed me the material, and said, “Young lady, this came out of you. You’re an odd one.” Then I would urinate the “substances” out of my body.
My next article is going to be about a personal research I’ve done while hunting these people from my dream down. One word….Marathon Motor Work. I’ll try to upload my medical records for those that are doing serious research into these topics. They should be scared…


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