Energy Parasites Implants: Initial Knowledge of Archonic Possession

Energy Parasites Implants: Initial Knowledge of Archonic Possession

Energy Body and Archonic Parasite Attachment and Control
Figure 1.

The image I posted illustrate how the Archonic Parasite Implants affect my energy body. When I came back from Savannah, Georgia I notice this extreme pressure headache and feeling waves of energy probing me from an unknown source as I slept. I looked up the symptoms and found plenty cases of Targeted Individuals documenting their experiences like some black project government was experimenting on them. They seem crazy. I thought it was HAARP and the CIA, founded by a Freemasonic member, secret experiment on mind control like MKUltra and Pandora Box project which is real.

The whole Targeted Individual case is about confusing and driving abductees to artificially created insanity under various mind control projects. The covert malevolent alien interference in our lives are real like documented evidence of bovine mutilation and human mutilation. The whole New Age community is polarized to a cultist zeal of benign extra-terrestrials or “ascended beings” through channel information and events like the Galactic Federation and “Commander Ashtar” led by the Vrillion Incident in 1977. With my own personal experience, I wouldn’t say they are all benign because it gets into Alien Military involvement in my life. My psychic friends and psychic energy healer have tried to help me and picked on their energy. Like I say psychics pick up signals and some can even manipulate the energy, and on our planet, we use that to heal through alternative health practices like Reiki. Even though I got my attunement to be an energy healer, I sought a psychic intuitive energy healer to clear and balance my energy. She picks up their energy and mentioned they operate and organize like a military unit; however, she doesn’t believe in their malevolence. Dare I say Milab?
My transcendental meditation caught the inner cranial pressure, then a voice spoke and “freaked-out” saying she’s going to kill him. This was an odd experience so I continue to shift my attention and isolate it there. And, when I focus internally on these pressure the probe that I thought was from an outside force was actually internal, a strange tendril like forces started to lift off my body and shifts around.
Attempts to clear the implants/entities:
figure 2.

Wernicke & Broca for Voice Activated Mind Control and Synthetic Telepathy (V2K) via scalar weapon & psychotronic weapon

Energy Body and Archonic Parasite Attachment and Control
Figure 3.

Its hub of consciousness is in the left hemisphere. The energy radiates out from left molar and upwards to Wernicke and Broca area. It condenses feels solid but actually breaks up and moves around through my body. Refer to image figure 1., like energy tendrils probing from the back left side to cause a pressure feeling in the chest area it travels to different chakra points. When I concentrate on the cranial pressure it lifts off and the pressure is gone or shifts to my right big toe. It’s gotten to the point where it’s easier to manage, yet I still can’t fully extract it out. I can, however, fight off the attacks. If I can fully remove it, I will further post on the methods and procedures. I’m at that point where I push it off but I get exhausted the “energy” collapse back into my body.  


The hook is embedded deep like some disgusting “hook” worm internally latching on to the skull on my left side.

Be aware of your own internal dialogue and be “present” and observe any impulses that seem out of character, this how I realize it’s not my own thoughts I’m picking up, I was actually picking up my close friends’ thoughts when they wanted food or to go to certain places. It’s 100% accurate too. They prey on our society ignorant of these “hidden” abilities and operate in secrecy. It’s gotten to the point where they mentally harass people like myself via nightmares, mental projections, and telepathic abuse.

I advise coming at this with a logical mind as well and by cross referencing all means. I’m waiting on a schedule to get an MRI and EEG and switching to a different neurologist because the current one diagnosed me with “seizure” and wanted to prescribe Gabapentin without waiting on my test results. (Gabapentin has terrible side-effects like heart failure.) The scheduling is taking forever by many bureaucratic road blocks by the appointment setters and technical errors with obtaining my medical records. I’m going through the western medical procedure to find out what is causing my pressure headache. If anything shows up on the MRI or EEG we will see. I will keep you all posted.

To end this, the whole grey aliens and reptilian abduction is just designed to confuse the human collective consciousness on alien existence. They look just like us or have manufactured bodies that they switch from like clothes. This is related to the collection of our genetic materials via the abduction scenario. They further preach that the physical body is just a vessel because they have come to the point where they understand the science of soul consciousness. An avatar.

I encourage “human” expanded consciousness and the development of inner intuition for peace not psionic military style warfare. Hopefully, this will help us communicate better and unify as a species.

Part 2: Clearing Stubborn Energy Parasites: Synthetic Possessor AI Entity

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