Mind Control New World Order Slave

Mind Control New World Order Slave

An implant that hijacks the human central nervous system is something from a science fiction horror novel about mind control. Doesn’t this idea seem too far-fetch? Or can your mind think outside the box of its conditioning? Who or What would do such experiment on a human mind control? A sect living among the human that wants dictator fascist system and total obedient from the mass. Is this force even human? The fact that Stephan Hawking warns us that we shouldn’t go looking for alien force or accept them so readily–I would listen. Just because something that is older and far more advanced doesn’t mean it’s good in term of our “best interest”.

This video below is of an experiment conducted on a rat to hijack its nervous system to make it move its tail. How long will this experiment move up to be tested on human (or has this already happened)? Who would be interested in conducting and funding this experiment knowing a third party can “hack” into the body? This experiment could be used for good if it helps paraplegic gain mobility, but the notion of someone inserting their consciousness in a body that’s already occupied by a “soul” and another conscious is quite disturbing.

Since I have been “googl-ing” this topic of Targeted Individual, the tactic of brainwashing, sub-conscious programming, gas-lighting to cause confusion and doubt on the target’s perception of reality, it makes me wonder are these people crazy or really experiencing something quite real. When I wrote my latest article, I knew quite well how the mass can view me as crazy, quite frankly I’m tired of people putting all kinds of labels on me. This is like when my middle school teacher tried to put me on ADD/ADHD medication when there wasn’t a damn thing wrong with my mental processing. More like our entire society is crazy, the western society did at one point believe this planet was flat and the sun revolves around the earth, and Galileo was right about how reality really was, yet the mass was all stupid to even prosecute that man as heretic (I’m sure he threaten the control system at the time) .

The link I provide below is interesting read. Remember to not let it cause paranoia and continue with your life as normal.


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