Psychic Attacks, Mind Control, and Occult Group

Psychic Attacks, Mind Control, and Occult Group

The foundation of civilization from languages, art-style, forms of governance, religion, and science (with the scientific methods) have been pre-programmed and established by a common “template“…oh yeah let’s not forget economic.
Recently, I have been writing about the Illuminati aka the Freemason. That’s because I see their “triangle” symbols everywhere around me. I see golden cars with their symbols and, of course, as I mentioned in my previous blogs I had a professor that was a Freemason. (I don’t know if this was information he wanted to release. I don’t even know his degree or rank.) He kept trying to deter the students from studying architecture, whether it was just a test to see if we were really serious about the field, I don’t know. He’s adept in torturing us with projects with no direction and a tight deadline to even showing us cute puppy videos or funny videos, and his obsession with the golden section or phi portion that he advise in my centerpiece design. (or I was just a student complaining under the pressure you may think) He knows a lot about sleep and advise us to take mini-nap versus full sleep REM sleep. He stated that when a human gets into REM sleep you can move their limp bodies without them ever waking up and knowing what happened to them.
Talk about mind fuck and wearing someone down with lack of sleep. It’s like I was drafted into a psychological warfare without my conscious knowledge.
And quite frankly, I wouldn’t have given the illuminati much thought but since their signs are everywhere. Even having some personally as my professors, then everything culminating into strange incidences and what seem like paranormal activity (because I cannot explain it when it’s happening) that made me question my sanity and left me in state of confusion then clarity as I’m able to recall events then double checking the facts. I knew something wasn’t “right” for someone like me who is very logical and over-analytical. I don’t ever forget, it just takes small triggers to make me recall everything I have ever experience, though, I will say I do suffer from temporary short term memory. When I recall everything it’s holistic and complete. My mind likes being whole and complete and can’t process incomplete information well…this is where questions are formed and my own personal research begins.


As much as there are speculations about the Illuminati or Freemasons, we will never really know, maybe unless we develop psychic abilities. I’m not talking about “new age” psychic powers with tarot cards, crystals, life coaching, channeling, automatic writing, and hypnotism. The “new age” psychic community talks about a veil being place upon this planet and its people from perceiving higher consciousness, but the reality is, there should be no veil place upon anyone. So we can only process information with our 5 senses. The six sense is something natural like breathing; this is what I personally know. I’m taking about about real psychic abilities like telepathy (where the voice is extremely clear), telekinesis, empathy, precognition,
extreme energy manipulation, ect. Yes, I do believe people have those natural abilities like breathing.
I know the human mind have been condition, with its limited senses, to disregard psychic abilities in the realm of fantasy and science fiction. The majority will continue to believe in their worldview and even ludicrously defend it even when someone comes along to challenge that reality–think the “flat world” syndrome and Galileo as the hero that expand man’s reality. Science and psychology/psychiatry will continue to mis-diagnose patients with every new labels in their book, yet the belief of God/Goddess and super-natural beings is more accepted than Aliens or psychic abilities. Maybe it’s the negative stigma of an old out-dated western-world view to think those ability as impossible or the work of the devil. There are so many mysteries that we as human don’t know yet, and we are so easily brainwash by the media playing on our own insecurities to maximize their profits (I use to work in sells at two marketing companies. I know all about propaganda and brainwashing someone to want something they really don’t ever want or need.) We don’t even know how our own mind work because we fall for the sells tactic every time…subliminally. Wake up people!!! Or continue to sleep and be distracted by video games, over-paid fake celebrities, companies’ advertisement, and mind numbing entertainment.
On the topic of mass influence: Hitler was a mystic, he believe in an Aryan race of “supermen”, that insane ideology cause mass genocide on innocent sect of human and ample supply of human for atrocious experiments by Nazi scientists. Yet there are some that view him as a genius because of his power to influence people’s thinking to even kill and turn the debt ridden Germane citizen against the scapegoat Jewish people. Why can’t we as human race grow up and observe the world around? How do we let our world-view be shape by a bunch of “control freaks” group with their superiority complex to commit such evil or even kill ourselves over a “belief” or brainwashing due to our human condition. Why? I’m not that smart, so come on people, I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to figure this one out.
Why do we let group form odd theories to have it secretly experiment on innocent victim? This may sound crazy but you’ll be surprise at the secret experiments going on in regards to the human mind. There are files released by the CIA about MKultra mind control–legitimate documents. 
Anyway in this blog, I want to talk about psychological-mental-psychic warfare on a target’s psyche aka (also known as) psychic attacks, mind control behavioral modification, and my theory on what the Illuminati are. You can take this as a great fictional story. I’ll just narrate my experience with the clarity I have while I was experiencing it, but I know this will sound strange or paranoid schizophrenic. I know for a fact that readers will think I’m crazy or just into conspiracy theory. (You may pick my labels after reading this.) I have read conspiracy theory but this writing is not a conspiracy theory, now, if we want to read a great conspiracy theory go look at David Icke, David Wilcock, Alex Jones, Barbara Bartholic, Karla Tuner, ect. who are great lecturers with fantastical stories to tell. Those people will cover every topic from alien groups hiding within our society; abduction by aliens group or the military; to just old corrupt government conspiracy theory; to elitist group of people with ideology similar to Hitler’s; to creepy alien/human hybrids and rape of human genetic materials. 
Anyway, here goes my topic of conversation in chronological order from my blog title “Psychic Attacks, Mind Control, and Occult Mystical Group” 
There are group of people called “targeted individual” who even propose that they were being targeted by government agency aka the global Illuminati through advance technology like synthetic telepathy, mind control chip, radiation cancer, poisoning, staged mobbing, and neuro-nanotechnology in the target’s body. The claims by these people seem paranoid schizophrenic because the attack is so subtle it makes you question your reality, but these people are in fields that are respectable and there’s no history of mental instability. As I read their stories and watch their documentary, I see that they are normal people just trying to understand their experiences like myself. They claim the method such as gaslighting, brain interfacing to hijack control of mind and body, attacks from satellite, and gang-stalking by none other than the secret intelligent agency. If these  claims are true–this level of advance technology is beyond the type we know–it seem far too advance and almost alien. Their claims are also global spanning various countries. Why would these people risk their career to appear crazy by sharing their stories? Maybe there is something ligitimate going on that needs to be investigated. Because some have theorize that “targeted individuals” fall under the umbrella of alien abductees or military abductions.
1.) Psychic Attacks are nothing but thought form energy attacks whether natural or enhanced by artificial means like technology. Neurologist knows that every single thoughts or emotions spark electrical impulses to travel to and from synapsis within our brain. Whether psychic attacks are real or synthetic, I cannot validate this BUT before I go on with these topics let me introduce you to my background.
Background: I’m of Asian descent Lao/Vietnamese whose family flee to escape a war-torn  bombed country. I grew up in a buddhist household that have a strong belief in ancestor spirits. My mom is a devote buddhist who believes in and even have psychic abilities. We both are energy healers or “chi” channelers. 
As a healer, there’s this force field that’s universal and we can tap into. People with psychic or psionic abilities are able to tap and channel this energy. Depending on the level or sensitivity to these force field some can see it and even feel it. Psychic links can be created to heal or kill and there are group adept at this or study this as a science with their advance technology. Thoughts can create because it’s energy but it’s still bounded by universal law.
And just because someone is psychic doesn’t mean they’re good, there’s a tendency for duality in this physical plane. The clearest analogy to good versus evil in terms of psychic abilities is Star Wars Jedi Knight using the force to keep the universal in balance to the dark side and it’s cronies on a power trip and ego-manic control.
So psychic attacks..think heart-attack,
migraine, aneurysm, and attack of endocrine system to make it look natural. Health rapidly deterioting when you’re healthy and young and your family line is strong.
 Or as one of my architecture partner, Ayman, said car accident happens
I don’t divulge this about myself but I can see and sense energy. In highschool, I would see humanoid light spectrum figures standing beside people, but it so subtle that I don’t pay attention to it. It look more like light impression that one get while watching people on TV then looking off screen and seeing the light afterglow, but I would see them in class while I’m listening to teacher lecture. I just kept this secret to myself, until I went off to watch “new age” lecturers, and hang around psychics because I felt I’m among like minded individuals who are sensitive like me. I would get psychic reading to the point my psychic friend told me to stop because I’m a psychic myself and can develop it. For example, I did a soul reading with Juelle a medium that encourage me to open up my sight more, but she did stated that “they” are scared of people open and psychic, and tend to kill people. I went to see Juelle in 2008 or 2009, it’s 2013 since, now I have an idea who “they” are.
I knew I was psychic but I never knew I had this level of psychic abilities, until strange incidents happen while I was living in a haunted carriage house…also while I moved and was under extreme stress.
Telepathy there will be moments where I can literally hear the thoughts of others. I thought I was going crazy when what sound like a voice “commanding” me to kill myself or saying insulting things to me. This is funny considering I don’t want to die, nor am I depress. People get sad it’s normal and they also experience happiness. Then I realize telepathy is real when I started to read my mom’s thought when she was craving sugar cane drink or saying she’s tired. I would also hear her incantation mantras while she meditated and her wish for prosperity then I confirm this with her. She look shocked but encourage me to meditate to calm myself and let it develop. Then I came to the conclusion that I’m not going crazy when I confirm with her I heard her thoughts. Another incident happen when I went out with a friend and we were figuring out what to do. I saw an image of a pool…though the thought came to me as my own. I knew they weren’t my thought, so I turn to my friend and said since your thinking about playing pool let’s do that. He seem shock and surprise and told me to get out of his head all joking of course. This is where telepathy gets tricky, when abilities open at a rate that’s sudden, it takes an “aware” person to know themselves well to distinquish their thoughts from others. When this is projected into someone’s head and they think it’s their thought, this is where it gets scary, mind control which I will get into.
The telepathy can come in forms of images too, especially, if one had a very visual thought. For instant, I have walked past a male group table where I saw an image of myself in bra and panty. This image just enter intrusively in my mind while I’m going to get my guests drinks.
The most disturbing visual was walking up to a couple table to take order, and I notice the man looked spaced out in a day dream mode, when I got close to their table I was bombarded with pornographic images that made me take a step back. Then, I spoke it snap that man out of day dream mode, and the image disappeared. Hmm..tsk.
Telekinesis this seem more like poltergeist activity. This one of the strangest where I don’t want to claim this ability at all because it’s dangerous.
As I sense these abilities increasing then all the sudden feel extreme pressure in my head like a migraine that I try to push out. When I “push” this force out, I would sense my walls and cars cracking. Even when I sleep, I have nightmares and sense shifting and walls crackling
The first incident of poltergeist,or maybe it’s me as a friend suggest, telekinesis. I was staying in Savannah, GA, the 2nd haunted city in United State, it’s winter break from this art college I attended. My two international roommates are out of the country visiting their families. I sleep in my room on the top floor. I sense a guy enter my room to try to strangle me, yet I was under sleep paralysis so I couldn’t move but I got “really upset” while I’m struggling to move and broke out of that paralysis to manage to say, “don’t touch me…” I can hear someone telling the guy in his head to get out of there and I sense his fear. He flew down my stairs and I’m in bed and woke to strange noise like crackling and my closet door opened. I remember distinctly closing it. I heard other strange noises that made me call the police and my friend. I left that place to spend the night at my friend’s place while he came to my place to check up on me wielding a samurai sword (funny scene), because from that nightmare as the night wore on I thought I heard someone try to break in so I called him and the police–we didn’t live in the best part of town too.
Fast forward to now:
I work as a server/hostess part-time. Where there would be moments that seem strange to account for. Where I get angry at customers and cups tip over, and “they” know too, I just act like everything is normal and walk off. 
Empath this is the worst ability to have because you can literally feel others’ emotions. It might make you come off as bipolar so observe and be aware how you feel and random emotions that enters. 
This one incident was quite odd because I’m not a jealous person. I’m an asexual so don’t care about relationships and man or woman’s appearance is irrelevant to me. I go greet my guests at the door, a couple, the man walks ahead of the woman.  He looks at me was happy and cheerful then I look at his girlfriend and felt a jab of jealousy that hit me at once out of nowhere. I can only sense in their relationship he must not make her feel appreciated or secure in their relationship for her to feel that.
This happen at another restaurant where “they” were there. A little boy and his girlfriend, I felt a jap of jealousy and the little 14 year old boy grabs his girlfriend’s hand.
I also felt that nervous butterflies feeling when you have a crush on someone. The last time I had that experience was with a Vietnamese boy I liked in highschool because his face look like my favorite Japanese guitarist Miyavi, but that feeling was felt because I idolize the artist. I was sitting at a table and felt the butterflies  only to look up and turn around to see a guy looking at me. I do not find him attractive at all but felt the butterflies for some stranger I don’t even know or find attractive. 
Then I felt nervous, I realize it was coming from a guy who was trying to get my attention before he asked me out on a date. When I felt it, I was confuse and thought my body was malfunctioning. I felt his emotions while he was summoning up the courage to talk to me. Because my interaction with him was quite neutral. 
This one incident, I walk past a guy and got sad all the sudden just by walking by his table. Then I saw the man look like he just cried. “They” love to project this emotion.
I’m getting better at blocking “their” emotional projection at me or just blocking their garbage.
The thing is this can be a combination of advance technological harassment by “unknown” or psychic attacks by group that are aware of these latent natural abilities. This group is the Illuminati freemason. They are a bunch of psychic group that practice and develope these abilities and attack in group anyone they see as a threat.
“They” do attack in group and cause distraction, then the next person attacks. This is their attack method and how they protect their kind. Adept at guerilla style warfare, the group protect the attacker because when you sense the attacker the attack can be sent back so the group cause a distraction. 
3.) Mind Control via satellite or implanted chip that hijack the human bio-electric field. They control creates human slaves through trauma, and this is one of the conspiracy theory about the Illuminati is they create human slaves and program humans because they are aware of the human bio-energy field and physiology. They create these slaves to protect, pleasure, be spies, assassinate, and program like dolls.
I believe it’s crucial to develop psychic abilities and be aware that these abilities DO exist and can be abuse. I believe it crucial to heal from trauma because “they” insert their consciousness in the shatter parts.
They certainly know how to get “inside” your head or project their consciousness to control even your physical actions. To alter your perception, as “they” enter the restaurant, they insert their conscious into minds to confuse and cause doubt.
I been having weird creepy crawly sensation along my feet and head, spinal column, and shoulder blades. When I meditate to clear the pressure in my head , everytime I sense a sharp pains on my right big toe.
For instant, I have it in my mind to bring things to certain tables, in my mind I’m going towards my intended tables but catch myself going to another table cause I sense their “calling”. When I sense this I’m like what am I doing–a disconnect between my consciousness/soul in my body–then I notice them concentrating.
“They” bring their little children into the restaurant to mind control.
4.) Occult Mysticism is what the Illuminati are obsess about. They are a group of hive conscious families that practice mind control via psychic abilities and advance technologies. (hyperspace attack) They are global international and you will find them everywhere. They believe they own this planet and everything on it including “us” human, or if not own they will take it cause they believe superior beings take all and can do what they want with us as they please. They know how to get inside your mind to influence your thoughts–this is where it’s critical to develop a strong mind to separate your own consciousness from theirs. They operate like a military with ranks and position and specialized jobs. Are they aliens as these conspiracy theory claim? I can say they certainly “look” human. Sometimes they come around me with different looking bodies, but I still sense them or their energy signature. I seriously believe they are behind the alien abduction.
From them being inside my head, they do see us as scary vicious species. We are like animals to them wild and feral that can attack. I remember one time when they enter my consciousness, the woman’s magazine I was reading, the women’s eyes just look feral and scary to me unless this is how they control the human mind through fear and causing perception changes.
Be aware that there are aliens they DO exist and are already here. If they have the technology to get here and do whatever seem godlike to us, I’m sure they can blend in without us knowing, unless psychic abilities are the norm among our civilization. Maybe this will cause our species to be more at peace with one another when we can communicate better.
They train their children to influence and mind control.
And just because someone is psychic doesn’t mean they’re good, there’s a tendency for duality in this physical plane. The clearest analogy to good versus evil in terms of psychic abilities is Star Wars Jedi Knight using the force to keep the universal in balance to the dark side and it’s cronies on a power trip.
(Pay attention to the words I italicize, bold face, or put emphasis on) 
On another note, while I was wrote of about International Banking scam (you can review past blogs) the official news came out with huge financial fraud that should rock the entire planet. The Banking Libor scam came out then we were distracted by the tragic Sandy shooting. This type of scam affects pretty much everything.
Check Dmitry Itskov gathering financiers to invest in immortality research–I think those grey alien got you beat on this Dmitry.
There will a part 2 if I missed crucial part to this post. 
Hopefully, they will not try to “suicide me”.

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