Psychic Experience Paranormal Mysterious Entities

Psychic Experience Paranormal Mysterious Entities

Apparition by Gustave Moreau: Musée d’Orsay

Extra-sensory abilities are more common and natural than you might think. Though some may scoff at the idea of psychic abilities as some fantastical imagination given to Marvel to produce X-Men characters. As I type this entry on psychics and the paranormals, a “little birdy” gave me a telepathic information, the word popped in my mind–Brookhaven National Laboratory₁ (By the way, I don’t trust this “little birdy” because it has lied to me before.) I know nothing about Brookhaven National Laboratory; therefore, I was compelled to do a quick google search on this laboratory. The first web-listing I got was Brookhaven National Laboratory–a passion for discovery a U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science multi-purpose research institution located in Long Island, New York. A government website promoting scientific innovation in cutting-edge-large-scale facilities for studies in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, applied science, and a wide range of advanced technologies funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Brookhaven National Laboratory have had sponsored work from the Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA) for research in all military application. I was a little “side-tracked” with that mental interjection of Brookhaven National Laboratory, considering this particular post is going to be about psychic abilities and the paranormals; how does this research facility factor in on this particular post? While I had my ideas “outline” for this particular subject, as I started to write–like a group of “mental spies” prying on my article–I caught their discussion on Brookhaven National Laboratory. I put two-and-two together, there must be a connection between psychic abilities and that research facility. I was quite shock when my google search resulted in a correlation between the laboratory and the Montauk Project, granted there are conspiracy theories element to it, but who is to say some aren’t true. Before this post gets too long, I highly recommend you look up actual government research on psychic abilities.

I believe in my previous posts, I have stated I’m a psychic energy healer. My sense of the world may be different from most–I know some want to call it insanity–but this is how it works for me: I can sense people’s energy signature and see their aura like a light hologram surrounding them; I can sense it in the space and visually see it dancing like white light dots/strings/fuzz. Sensing someone energy is like that instant that someone you know has entered the room without visually seeing them. Vibration works like gravitating towards someone or avoiding someone not because of their personality or social interaction–it’s the vibe. It’s all about the energy or vibrational level they “oscillate” in. That’s how I see people’s aura and pick up on their energy; furthermore, I can sometimes see through the dimension: I would always see this transparent wispy humanoid figure around people. Their presence wasn’t intrusive so it was easy to ignore. And when I first caught sight of these “beings,” in my Micro and Macro AP economic class in high school; I saw a tall male figure standing to my teacher’s left side. As my vision focused on this figure, my teacher (or “the figure” caused my teacher to) throw a dry erase marker across the room. This caused a reflective action for me to follow the dry erase marker’s direction. I look back at my teacher and the “humanoid” wispy transparent figure vanished. I believe I wasn’t meant to see him. 

In relation to energy and aura, there’s this thing like a black orb that exit people’s body. When I witness this, I notice a change in their behavior/attitude that was very negative but once it’s leaves the person become “nicer.”  Prior to accepting that psychics were real and having some psychic validate my own abilities, I was just experiencing these things like it was normal because it wasn’t an intrusive experience. The psychics I talked to say I was seeing people’s spirit guides and explained to me psychic are just “sensitive” that’s how they’re able to pick up signals. Like I said before, I believe everyone is psychic it’s just a matter of training yourself to discern the signals you’re picking up.

Childhood Experience:

My paranormal experience extended back to my childhood in Thailand; however, I can’t recall them. My own mother mentioned I would scare her multiple times, when I would point-off into the distance and exclaim,”Nan Daaaa!” which meant there it is in Laos. We were living in a haunted refugee camp when my family fled the country into Thailand as a political refugee. I was too young to remember the details. I felt my mom fear of the “things” I saw which caused me to forget those times (maybe because I was young as well) and block my abilities; in fact, it was during my soul reading with Juelle and The Council that I found out “they” can’t have me being that psychic and came around to put a veil over my eyes. Being psychic in that condition was the worst, all the sorrows that war brought with it and confused spirits–the emotions of the people at the camps. I know on other planets the plane between their “other side” is intimately linked so aliens, as we call them, tend to be more psychic than us. Their plane of existence vibrates higher than ours and there’s really no fear of death but a “shift” back home. So my experience in Thailand consists of seeing random wondering ghosts and the “three entity.”

My psychic prediction extends into the mini-lottery in the Laotian community in America. The lottery was base off of sequences of number and the players would select numbers. These numbers can come from dream interpretation or from asking an innocent conduit… a child. The sequence of numbers can represent animals. Equipped with a pictograph of the animal and its number symbology; my uncle like to play the Laotian mini-lottery and asked me when I was younger what’s the winning number would be I said, “A little snake.” That night my prediction came true, and my uncle found out I predicted an accurate winning number, but he didn’t play the lottery. There was a sense of regret from him but I always felt if it weren’t meant for you it wouldn’t be received. (Even if I had the abilities to use it to gain billions of dollars, I wouldn’t do it or give out information for those that asked.)
Pee Krasue
Southeast Asia: Laotian Folklores
Pee Krasue or “flying witch head” as popularize by Thai horror films. Pee means monster or non-human in the Laos/Thai language usually the word is associated with ghost/supernatural and Krasue is the root name given.
Pee Bop is the equivalent of a vampire but of glowing mass light. It can possess people and tends to possess those that practice “black magic” or have psychic abilities. The main entrance into the human body is via the toes. 

While, I was in Laos the whole village was seep in superstition and black magic. The darker elements of human nature have cause people to place hex on others out of jealousy and hatred. Isolated huts were set-up for those known to caste curses upon other villagers. And method of punishment for those practicing the darker element of witchcraft was isolation in a jungle hut. (Which is a better method of punishment than the old western witch-hunt.) It’s like stepping into a place where having your psychic protection “amp-up” is critical for any energetic intention manifestation from those that don’t wish you well. That bizarre experience in Laos made me wonder what really happen that night because I woke up with my feet tingling and all these paranormal experiences up till now. Here’s a link to that experience in Laos: Laos Experience
Haunted Carriage House on Jones Street 

Paranormal experience in Savannah

The left image is of the carriage house I stayed in during my summer quarter at Savannah College of Art & Design. Before I even sign the sub-leasing agreement, my friend’s housemate didn’t mention the place was actually haunted. After the lease was signed and I set-up a temporary bedding and furniture in my room, I couldn’t revoke the agreement without being homeless. I was in the living room with my roommate chatting away, until they mentioned Juju, and obviously Juju was our “ghost” roommate. I was like, “Who’s Juju?” They each exchange glances like I was supposed to know. Obviously, they thought the roommate that sub-leased to me explained our other “resident.” The haunting wasn’t bad. I heard footsteps and sounds around the third floor, where my room was located, and the house have overlapping energy from prior history. (I normally wouldn’t stay in such a creepy house BUT my friend from class told me her housemate was subleasing, and I need a place to stay.)
One housemate had a friend who went to Savannah City Hall to get a historic record on the house. It was used as a nursery and stored bodies under the house during the yellow fever plague that wipe out 10% of the population. My housemate said Juju was one of the midwife or nurse that took care of the babies; of course, she could be lying to me. All I know is the same sequence of haunting followed me to the green southern style house while in Savannah. 
As one of my friend said, “Maybe it’s not the house that haunting you. Maybe it’s something that’s following you.” Because after I left the place, the haunting continue but it was like subtle noises I ignore as background; however, during my time of stress, I believe the energy fed it to the point my bed shook around 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. The bed shaking was sync to the time I would wake-up for class or during stressful time. A guy I dated at the time even experience this bed shaking while he was trying to study. In our kitchen, where my housemate and I would hold dinner parties, I would see a woman wispy humanoid figure staring at us, and trust me, it’s not a defect in my eye I have a strong prescription glasses on and still see them.
I moved back to Nashville and had the oddest experience. During the middle of the night, I woke-up to use the restroom. Standing in the corner of the mirror was a being smoky-dark-shadowy being in full humanoid figure in a deep voice it said, “I’m pregnant,” and phase back into the walls and I heard crackling sound. The kind of sound I would hear when I break out of my sleep paralysis. Shortly after that incident, I had a nightmare about a woman self-aborting her child with a clothes hanger in a bathtub while I tried to save her. I don’t know why I didn’t feel much fear toward this thing when I saw it. I tried to logically analyze that incident, my Christian friend said that’s a demon, and my logic comes to the conclusion that it was a manifestation of my fear of being pregnant during the time I briefly date a guy. 
Besides the nightmares, I would have recurring dreams about the spiral stairs inside that carriage house. Then at the bottom of my bed, as I awoke from sleep, I saw a small humanoid figure staring at me. It shocked me greatly because a psychic told my mom a “little spirit” was following me, which I did not believe, but I can’t shake the feeling of being watched. I bolted up from bed and made a call to Cosmic Connection to find a different psychic that has no relation to me as a friend for different perspective on my experience. Without telling him what I was going through, he picked up a little blond boy following me. He said the child died from falling down that stairs with a very high fever. Which made sense because I kept dreaming about that stairs. He told me how I could help the boy cross over by letting him know he’s no longer alive. Sometimes, spirits get stuck dimensionally when they haven’t fully cross over to go home–the other side. They create an interference in that “space.” I wonder how a physicist would explain this strange spatial anomaly.  
What are they? These beings I encounter in my dreams and reality. People have given the “unknown” so many names like demons, djinn, aliens, archons, shadow beings, and so on.
1. Brookhaven National Laboratory has found the Higgs Particle and the Nobel Prize has been awarded to Peter Higgs and Francois Englert on October 8, 2013. This is a huge discovery for science during our time. 
I guess magnetizing that cathode beam stabilize it. Good job to all the multinational teams–the physicists. ***wink wink***

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