Psychic Healer: Archonic Parasitic Invasion of Mind and Energy Body

Psychic Healer: Archonic Parasitic Invasion of Mind and Energy Body

Back in 2005, I went to visit Laos with my family. Laos was once part of France’s Indo-China, colonized from 1893-1954 cir. its capital at the time Luang Prabang. Now a communist country with un-exploded landmines, with a quarter of its population culled and shipped to different parts of the world. (Mind you, I once sub-letted a carriage house in Savannah, Georgia that was built in 1813 cir., along Jones Street, one of the most haunted area. The historic cemetry just two blocks ahead. Always awakened by the bells of ghost tour trolleys.) Pretty old huh?

Let me take you back to Laos, a country seep in old folklores and superstition, of people practicing black magic (for revenge, killing, control, and love spells) and being possess by the very demons that powers them. Turning into hungry energy vampires, “Peebop or Pee Krasue,” hunting during the night while it’s practioners are unaware of the shift. In my stepdad’s village, Ban Muan Kai, situated near mountainous jungle region, whoever was found practicing black magic were shunned and isolated far away in a hut. People that have seen Peebop or Krasue reported that it looks like lights pulsating and moving.

It was during the night, no light pollution, so the stars seemed unusually bright, we arrived at Ban Muan Kai. My mom and stepdad pays homage to the ancestor spirits by sprinkling water by the side of the stilt-house and asked the spirit guardians if they may rest. My stepdad goes to the temple to get ordain as a monk, it’s “Vanh Siin,” the day the dimension are thin and spirits are let loose. His monk-hood would help his father’s soul fully cross over, whether it’s to be reborn or sent somewhere else. The main goal is to keep his soul from interfering in the third dimension. Growing up in America, I never really understood my culture. I only cared about my friends, school, latest trends, watching America’s Next Top Model, next celebrity obsession, and buying the things I wanted; so, I’m 17 years old and just finished junior year of high-school and it’s summer time in Laos.

We all got ready for bed at my step-grandmother’s place (stepdad still at the temple), and I have this dream:

I sense crowds of people surrounding me. Their faces all blurred. They feel like death, they’re crowding in closer to me. They look like zombies or whiten ash corpses. I feel helpless but I reached for my side and pulled out a pistol. I pointed the gun.

I wake up, it’s hot and humid, and a cat to my left is hissing and meowing in a deep guttural tone. Like it’s ready to fight. The sound of a dog’s haunting howl pierce the night. I don’t have my glasses on so everything looks blurry. I called out to my mom and aunt but they didn’t respond. Lights are pulsating near the tattered bamboo windows, I’m terrified thinking it’s Pee Krasue, so I did what anyone paralyze by fear would do. I concentrated on praying and visualizing a white light surrounding the area. I hear a shuffle ahead of me; this is where my step-grandmother slept; I sense something creep up closer from above. I bolted upright and the “thing” stumbled and leaped out the window, mind you, it’s 14 ft or .36 m high. This finally woke-up my mom and aunt. By this time, dawn has broke, and a rooster is crowing from afar.

On my way back into the city, I spent a night at my grandfather’s sister’s French villa house, in Savannakhet. I thought I had severe case of “sun burn” but no marks were shown on my body. It just felt like waves of energies were coming off my body. My right big toe felt numb, like the nerve was dead, yet I still felt sensations. I thought maybe some tropical spider bit me because there were two perfect puncture marks on my underarm. My right big toe was in pain like the nerves were off. Maybe the initial wiring processes.

By the time we went back to the city, Vientiane, Laos, I was having vivid nightmares of seeing grey aliens messing with my reproductive organs. It was the most disgusting violating dreams. (Which, I don’t believe in aliens at this time.) My cousin’s friend, Bob, took us to boulevard strip owned by various Chinese businesses. We dinned in some Dim Sum restaurant. The oddest conversation erupted from his mouth considering I was having “alien nightmares”. I don’t know what compelled him to ask me about aliens. He said while he was coming home from a friend’s house, looked up at the sky, a light orb moved and was following him home. This is Laos so there’s not a lot of airplane, radio towers, or light pollution, you can imagine it’s clear and un-polluted by moving objects. He mentioned he loved watching alien documentaries about ex-government employees revealing the existence of these “beings”. I didn’t care, ignored him, and ate my shrimp dumplings from the bamboo steam baskets.

When I came back to the United State, I started to have dreams of New York, and I have never been there. The dream always involve me in some large closet changing my outfit. Or, I would be with someone riding around in a limo. All mental invasion of course, these are manufactured dreams. I once broke out by pushing beyond the mental projections, and realized the illusions fell apart and I see/sense these “two” entities. They embedded themselves right into my “psyche” so to speak. The archons intra-dimensional parasites.

It’s now 2014, it’s seem like everything has culminated into this. I will say, their intentions are not in our “human” best interests, and I will further say, “do not allow them or welcome them.” Do not entertain yourself with the thought of living in peace with them when we can barely get along as humans, if you really know what they are doing to us, you will not like it. They mentioned that one day we will understand, but I know they have technology that suppresses psychic abilities–this so called veils and implants. They are slowly acclimating their presence to the masses while the aware ones are waiting for disclosure.  

Anyway, I felt like I was marked since birth, when they sense an aware psychic was born, and they do come down. Three intra-dimensional human looking beings starred at me, when I first came tunneling down the birthing canal, feeling my frequency lower into a physical body. They look human but there’s something about their eyes slightly bigger than humans and the energy they give off wasn’t “right”.

Looking into the eyes of these “things”, there will be a momentary mental perceptive exchange, and at this point their mind’s are lost within ours. They like to say, “I’m you–you’re me” I say bullshit and get the fuck out of my head–parasites!

I do recommend reading the late Dr. Karla Turner, “Masquerade of Angels,”it gets into how they operate. It’s written from Ted’s point of view, a successful psychic medium, going through his own experience with them.

Clearing energetic interferences:

I’m still going through energetic clearing and continuing my “transcendental meditation”. This transcendental meditation was what helped me train my mind to quiet itself in the past–total blankness. When I realized I couldn’t meditate and quiet my mind like before, it became apparent that another “alien” conscious has invaded my mind, and formulating its own crazy thoughts. It inserts its own emotions of irritation and anger unlike my amiable personalty. I felt quite changed. It seem psychologically crazy but trust me it’s not. Maybe more people need to seriously look into these cases of “targeted individual,” who all claim on a global scale of going through something similar.

Anyway, the right big toe, starts to tingle again like in Laos. Along with “targeted individual” cases, like I say, I’m an energy healer and psychic. People like myself, are targeted since birth up until “they” can plan a natural death by suicide when they fear losing control of us, which by the way, I will not commit suicide nor will I have a “heart-attack” or “aneurysm”. I won’t die anytime soon. I wasn’t born as automaton zombie nor will I be turned into one. A woman, Juelle, who did my soul reading briefly mentioned them and their fear AND they have killed people. It will not happen anymore.

I’m at this point, where when I focus on the center pressure headache, it comes off and I sense muscles spasm around my legs. The right big toe then tingles strongly. This “thing” has advance to the stage where it talks to “them” and relay my thoughts/emotions to “them” via mimicry. It overlay its thoughts and emotions. They talk to it and send it self destructive commands while stimulating the energy body. It’s hooks are embedded deep inside the cranium. The closest writing to what this is by Lisa Renee, a psychic etheric surgeon, she calls them Archonic SPEs, enigneered to mind control and lower psychic perceptions.

It’s a very isolating experience, especially when the SPE advances enough to be the voice inside your head. 

I’ll tell you how I’m fighting and will continue to untill I’m absolutely free. I’m not writing for money, and I really don’t have to reveal these intimate details to be scrutinize..come on. 

My fight:

The attack is on the Crown Chakra, which connects us to higher vibrations or God and the Third Eye, center of the forehead, to psychic perceptions. It feels like an intense pressure that radiate from inner center, left, top, and center of forehead. Now, when I meditated and center my focus on these locations. It actually pushes off a bit and starts to travel and stimulate other parts of my bodies. In my case, the back of my heart area, where the remote male voice is commanding “it” to give me a heart-attack. I concentrate on that cranial pressure and the energy lifts off of my back and chest. The constricting feelings dissappear. The points on my right big toe becomes more pressurized when my mind shifts to focus on cranial pressure. I then feel it travel down to my left buttock. I feel “their” cords snapping.

When you do meditate and sense these shifting energy, the thing will try to fight you, and it will desperately talk when you shift your focus to the pressures, ignore it and concentrate. I say eliminate all your fears and insecurities because “they” psychologically play on those. Do not engage the voices that speaks to it, or it “itself” because all it does is mimic your thoughts and relay information to “them”.

I say really concentrate on those cranial pressures. You shall at this point pull the tip of your tongue back and feel the pressure. It’s like a shard or actual hard object in your mouth. Concentrate really hard and meditate while moving the tip of your tongue along the roof of your mouth. Mentally focus and isolate “it” now. (I notice the pressure on my right toe increases when I do this.) You will feel the energy condense, shifts, and break up and move around from your left cranium. Do this in a quiet secluded area because your room will crackle. It will take time. 

I haven’t cleared it in one setting. I have pull it out of my mom’s back when she complained of feeling it’s initial attachment. All my poor mom did was tried to heal me by basic Reiki practice. It feels like a live energy “throbbing” in my hand when I gathered it on my palm and cleanse it off.

This is a crucial time to stay away from people that’s negative oriented. When you go out in public ignore and keep your boundaries. Even if you feel like, the people around are doing “street theaters,” and speaking your thoughts outloud. I tell you to ignore those motherfuckers–keep calm and do your own thing.

I do recommend getting an accupuncture if you’re in pain. The practioners are aware of these meridians and will balance its “moving tenticles”. Your main goal is to get “it” out of your head. I know the hook is deep.

Things to consider:

Was I abducted by “them”?! I would never really know. I do believe in “them” now. Many psychics have told I was visited by them but sometimes I think they’re crazies, as of recently though, I don’t think they’re crazies at all.

Controlling human perception…invading our dreams, creating artificial emotional responses, and inserting thoughts into our mind. Let’s not forget Dr. Roger Lears physical evidents of alien implants. The photo-documented cases of cattle and human mutilations. What are they doing to us, our animals, and plant life? Stealing our genetic materials and god knows what…like programming us. They also use advance holographic images (spots of blue beams) to further alter our perception of the truth…maybe driving us to insanity thus our credibility is questioned by the western psychiatric institutions.

Creating mind-controlled slaves for their “pathetic kinds”? 

Just look at Hitler’s dream of a building a “master” race and wanting everyone to serve this “master” race. Pathetic right? Blond hair, blue eyes, and this un-usual breeding program he implemented by kidnapping non-German citizens that carries these traits. Splurged by the “supermen” he claimed he met. It kind of gets into the channel works of the Pleiadians or their obsession with the “Nordic” alien specie. That crazy Thule Society…


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