Psychics: Ra’s Anger and Military Alien Abduction & Programming

Psychics: Ra’s Anger and Military Alien Abduction & Programming

Horus-Ra the all seeing eye. The hidden “third eye.” The hidden secret. The trinity.

I tend to be a very private person. So the fact that I’m revealing these things about myself, is like standing naked for all to see–the scars, the stretch marks, uneven skin tones, curves and muscles, and little woman problem area. I just admitted in my previous post that I’m psychic. When I was a kid my mother would tell me I’d point off as I’ve seen something and accurately predicted the mini-lottery in the Laotian community. As I got older, it drifted out of my mind, I was allowed to experience a “normal life” yet I had memories of strange places and experiences I can’t forget.
The difference about my childhood from the average American is I have an Asian background. I live in a Buddhist household from a culture seep in animism and shamanism. Before I knew about Japanese Reiki, my uncle from California came to visit Tennessee and held a Universal Healing Seminar which was founded by the late Master Luong Minh Dang. The practice is very similar to Reiki where a Master Healer creates a link with you and open you to these energy “frequency.” When my mom brought me to this seminar, I was a freshmen or sophomore in high-school around the age of 14 or 15. This was the age I was initiated and learn to correctly channel this energy “positively” to heal. The core tenant was to never use it negatively, make money, or selfish ego. Pureness. Master Dang and all energy healers emphasize the existent of this unlimited energy around us. I knew I was a healer but a psychic, no.
Before I try to convince you of these extra-sensory abilities. I just hope most of my readers are open minded. I want you to look at it like this: most human can see the visible lights from the electromagnetic spectrum but bumblebee can see ultraviolet lights. Scientists have said our pets, dogs and cats, can detect lights we can’t see. Then adding insult to injury the moray eel can channel tremendous amount of electrical current through its body. We as human have been pretty dull down on purpose.
What is psychic abilities? It’s the ability to perceive outside the “observable” tangible world. The western society tends to scoff at the idea of being psychic; however, there are real psychics out there. I’m not talking about infomercial Miss Cleo because to some degree or another, everyone is psychic, and in its most basic form it’s like that instant moment when you knew who texted or called you. This is something that the hidden powers are familiar with, and they have been on a campaign to try to suppress or outright eliminate “it” from the gene pool. This is the same campaign to destroy all records of the Archonic Parasitic invasion this planet fell under. The burning of the Library of Alexander. Their attempts to hide knowledge or “knowing-ness” is ridiculous and on a grand dimensional scale the psychics called it the “veils of illusion” that they placed. It’s about illusion of control for them.
My initial interest in mediums. It was my senior year of high-school. A group of friends decided to tour Belmont University. One day, my best-friend and I went inside one of the house near the university. It was turned into a little shop for “holistic” healing and psychic services with ethnic products and crystals. As a joke, I decided to do a psychic reading with Sean. Keeping this short–he was deadly accurate about my life but oddly mentioned going into the woods and alien abduction which confused me–aliens and going to the woods. This makes sense now considering the little episode I had in the Laos jungle. Refer to my post Psychic Healer: Archonic Parasitic Invasion of Mind and Body.
At the same little “house,” I did a soul reading with Juelle and The Council who had a meditation lodge in Crest Stone, Colorado. She claims to channel these “ascended beings” and authored the book The Walk-In. Before she started my “soul reading,” she asked me do you know what happen when someone experiences trauma? Yes, I do now. It’s called trauma based mind-control that they know. The trauma victim goes into autopilot and dissociate. Juelle does have a psychology degree like all of them.
From a traumatic experiencer perspective: You actually have an out of body experience, like my friend, before the T.V. fell on her, she saw herself outside her body but she still corded to herself. The T.V. on top of her. This was when she was young her memory of it was blanks and in fragments. Time seem surreal from that out-of-body memory, blankness, then at hospital in a cast. When this happen entities looking to host can enter. Juelle is promoting “possessions,” I don’t care if it’s benign. I don’t agree with it and hate that movie “The Host.”
(Even in alien abduction cases, abductee reported seeing their bodies, and seeing various human bodies being flayed open on tables. Like a mass manufacturing of synthetic organic body suits.)
During my soul reading, her words were encouraging and she pin-pointed what I wanted to accomplish perfectly. I was young naive and hoped my dream would be a reality. She said my main personality was to bring “balance” and correct everything I saw wrong. And like Sean, she said she sensed “extra-terrestrial” energy from me. (Trust me I’m not an extra-terrestrial. I’m born human and I’m very human. These mediums are picking up extra-terrestrial interferences in my life. An abductee. All psychics do is act as a medium to pick up signals. That’s why it’s called reading.)
Anyway, while she talked to me, she sense, I was psychic too. As she talk, I see groups of humanoid light spectrum standing behind her. I felt I could trust her enough to tell her what I remember when I was born. Besides her claim of being a “walk in” is quite ludicrous. I knew I can relate to her what it was like to be born without being criticize. From where I was before birth, it was “expansive eternity” a sense of knowing and state of fluidity and love, it was a natural blissed stated. I remember gardens and scenic sceneries. Thoughts get you from one location to the next–no linear time or limits. You had a body but it was energetic. But something happen, I start to sense blockage and sadness from somewhere, a pull to a meeting and then my “consciousness” is there. It was urgent an important call. The loving wise entities that I was apart of surrounded me in a circle in “space.” I sense being pulled down. Tunneling down and passing through another group of enitities in clusters into the physical world. It was like going from high speed internet to dial up.
I found myself in a strange place, yet I knew who was assign to be my parents was in the other room. For the first time sensing oppressive fear, staring down at me three humaniod beings, they do not feel familiar just “alien.” I cried and tried to call to my parents. Juelle still emphasize that they were my “guides.” Deep down I knew that wasn’t right. They marked me.
She said, I have ascended before on another planet in another life. Even in our Earth past, spiritual teaching of gnosticism and buddhism speaks of transcending the material world into the higher spiritual plane. And she advocate ascension and shifting time lines, yet she said when I reach that state “bring it back down to have heaven on earth.” This goes against everything ancient spiritualism taught–it’s anti-ascension the reversal of Christos and the Buddha state. Like the nazis taking buddhist swastika and flipping it around and the satanists taking the cross and flipping it upside down.
Spirituality isn’t science even if you can figure out its mechanism. If your consciousness just isn’t there the higher planes won’t accept you. (There are entities that want to reach this plane for its raw power to control matter.) I don’t know what The Councils were telling her, but high spiritual beings don’t mess with this density. They have other higher being responsibilities and the risk is descension. 
Human filtered perception: Third eye
These Illuminati, are nothing but intra-terrestrials, they live in a frequency band or as they call it the lower 4th dimension. Where there’s still duality of good and evil. They can slip in-and-out of dimensions and they do hold a humanoid physical “template.” I see them as humanoid light spectrum. The alien abduction deals with them taking our genetics materials and making “synthetic organic body suits.” They do have the science of physical immortality. Just look at Dmitry Itskov quest for immortality. 

(Hopefully, our human collective conscious will be more refined and expanded.)

Juelle mentioned something ominous: they are scared of people like me and have killed. 

I want to talk about consciously perceiving while I dream my prophetic dreams. Mentally entering other planes to retrieve information. This gets into their collective consciousness of past wars on the physical plane outside of our “solar system.” The programming of “psionic” humanoids, experiments, and the Military Alien Abduction. Let me emphasize it’s not our government. 
Ra’s Anger: 
In one dream, I’m in a white room, lying on a table. A voice is talking to me from unknown origin, “who are you?” I feel my mind shift to the background and my perception heighten. I see beyond the white room, and my consciousness pushes down their illusion, I’m on a ship and I see past their ship to the stars. A male voice deeper than normal erupt through my mouth, “I am Horus-Ra.”

I never thought much about this dream. It’s made me aware of how consciousness can shifted. This was their initial “etheric” insertion of this Arhonic Possesor entity. This anti-ascension entity, it dampen my auric field and feeds negative thought-form, while is fed by their commands from a remote frequency source they reside in. The emotions it generate is of a low frequency control. 
This entity is latch to the lateral left side of my head and it’s “tendrils” stimulate other energy meridian on my body. At it’s worst it generate irritation and raw murderous anger. 
Military Alien Scout Ship:
While aware of my physical discomfort, I consulted an energy healer, who again confirm extra-terrestrial implants and energy intrusion into my energy body. She made me feel a lot better, even if the average person think it’s just placebo effect. 
I told her about an odd experience. Right over where I live I sense a large ship, the energy was very militaristic in nature, she told me it was their “scouting” ship.
Then I started to have dreams of wars on other planets and going through wormholes and different plane. Unit of three taking out an entire planet with psy-force. (It’s like Universal Energy manipulation turn evil.) Advance “scary psionic” training, and being link mentality as unstoppable fighting units. Being in a space ship and underwater with a unit. Assigned breeding partner–layers of dreams that shifts and shifts to other scenes. Then being in a liquid tank. hypno-therapist called this screen memories.
I just think it’s me “picking up” their collective mind and individual experiences. One dream was the saddest, I’m in terminal for space craft landing, in an area with reinforce glass. I look up at the skies, located a constellation, and I knew that I can never return there. The saddest was unbearable and the future unknown.  Or, I’ll dream of auditorium lectures. My best friend had this same dream again.
As I did my own research and personally experience it, I recommend listening to Lisa Rene Archonic Purging. Her truth rings true to me as a healer who’s infected with “this thing” they use to try to control me with.
In some future post, I want to talk about false Gods/Goddesses and the lies of the Trinity

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