Sexual Connection: Shielding & Cleansing Energy Body

Sexual Connection: Shielding & Cleansing Energy Body

Sex can leave you open to entities or energy attachment and unwanted linkage. Makes sure your partner is cleansed and vibrate at the same frequency as yourself.

Before I realized I had an entity problem, my psychic friend and my mom said they saw a “small humanoid” spirit following me when I was 21. My logical mind did not believe them at the time; however, the level of strangeness I’ve encountered made me realize anything is possible. Its predatory stalking nature has been going quite a while but I was unaware of it. These were stalking entities my mom’s psychic advisor warned me to watch out for them.

The age of 21 was when I officially moved out of my parent’s place to be on my own. Prior to moving out, I had the strangest dream:

In my room, I’m lying on my bed and sense something from a far off distant viewing me through a window. A male presence wanting to control and elicit feelings that weren’t my own. He was trying to make me feel was sensual sexuality. I’m in a deep languid state a sleep-within-sleep. My awareness came back and I become alerted to the fact that I was put under hypnotic state while the male entity wanted to observe sexual excitement. Within that shift from languid hypno-state to awareness within. I sense his presence from the sky projected into my room.

While I woke-up and went to class, I was taking studio sculpture at the time, in the University restroom, I would see a male humanoid figure standing behind me to my left-side in the mirror. It looks like a humanoid after glow shape wispy and transparent like the impression one see after watching television then staring into darker space. Since it’s impression was barely phased into our physical plane I barely pay attention to it but it was always there. My left side due to a car accident suffers from muscle tension on the lower back.

The importance of shielding and cleansing your energy body very day.
Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, there are planes of existence that we can’t measure and within those planes are other conscious beings. Our goal is to stay within our plane, for us the physical one for now, and keeping those other conscious beings off of us is crucial to our emotional and spiritual health. Energy healer like myself always channeling energy chi to balance the body for health but sealing and shielding your client’s body (and yourself) is important after each healing session. You always need to shield from attachments, cordings, and energy vampirism from others.
In terms of being intimate with someone, especially for an energy healer who’s sensitive, it important we all choose our partners wisely. You wouldn’t want to be the one they’re passing their “garbage” on to whether it’s entities or unresolved drama that lingers in energetic forms. It’s very important you choose wisely, feel out their energy and emotional state because sex opens you up. And if your partner has energetic or entity attachment, you’ll to go through another process of clearing them and keeping them from attaching. So if you chose wisely, someone of the same vibrational frequency that’s cleaned, sex can be a healing experience.
I myself am dealing with a Suppressor Parasite Entity SPE, there was a time during college, where I let other people define me. I knew I was “asexual” and told others in university as a mechanism to keep their advances off but somehow someone saw this as a challenge or a cry for attention. Then I had friends telling me can’t possibly be asexual if you never had sex. I think I would personally know if I’m “sexually” attracted to someone whether male or female; however, I tried to be open-minded and “experiment.” I think it was a grave mistake on my part and his. It just propel us into an emotional drama and unhealthy relationship. There wasn’t anything I liked about him and should have ended the relationship sooner. Even when I walked away from that relationship, my sexuality still hasn’t changed, and my attraction towards someone doesn’t stem from mere physical attributes. I had both aesthetically pleasing men and women be attracted to me but I couldn’t return their feelings. Overall, please choose whom you share your energy with wisely for spiritual and emotional health.
Keep your energy cleanse, shielded, and vibrating high.
My favorite meditation

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